Anyone else having problems with caco?


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I have not been able to get on CACO or Diyma since Friday night. Every time I try to go to either site it says its loading for like 3 mins and the it says
"Problem loading page"
"Server not found"

And then it goes on to tell me how I may be able to fix the problem. At first I thought it was my computer but every other site loads up with no problems. For some reason its just DIYMA and CACO. Any thoughts on this? Are these sites working for everyone else?

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f^ck them E fo life!

lol caco worked for me but not diyma

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Those sites suck anyways... i signed up on CACO to use the classifieds and it wouldn't let me... having to make 10 posts elsewhere first is really g.a.y

And DIYMA, they want you to pay for a forum?... F that

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You can still use CACO before having 10 posts,you just cant PM or list an itme for sale without 10 posts. And I think thats a great idea,it helps somewhat with the spammers and what not. Plus its easy to get 10 posts,just post in random sections real quick and then you'll have your 10.

And Diyma is 100% free! Unless you want to donate money to become an "upgraded member" I think that just gets rid of the ads a you can post as many times as you want within 90 seconds or something like that. Without the upgraded membership you have to wait 90secs before you can post again,but thats not really a big deal anyways. And Diyma has a similar rule with the post count thing. Except on Diyma you must have 50+ posts before you can list an item in the FS section. Again I think thats a great idea,there are probably very few spammers on Diyma,if any! Unlike this craphole forum where 90% of the members are spammers lmao!

Oh BTW,they are both working for me now. Dunno wtf the problem was before but they both seem to be doing fine now.

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Anthony Collova, former owner of Second Skin, current owner of DIYMA and CACO got a new upgraded server(or something like that), and i believe they were switching everything over to the new server. I think.

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I've been done with caco for a while. Dudes there act dumb and it feels like if someone doesn't like you the mods just ban u.not that ive been banned but I just see it all the time. Plus to many people trying to sell broken stuff or try to screw someone out of money.
And also there are so many people that are on teams that get products for cheap and sell them to make money. like come on now we all know sundown amps are not that great and if your on the team you are getting them for cheap but yet I see all these dudes on teams selling them and ripping off new guys because they have no idea how all this works.
I don't mind saying this either because I know its the truth and nobody can stop me from saying it lol.
But I must applaud jacob because he is becoming a millionaire by over pricing his products and having so many people on his junk lol
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