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Just got back from woofersetc.comChad Lee17
WhrageTroy Jones1
Re-surface sub?Troy Jones14
Leeerooooyy jjjjennkins hahahaTroy Jones3
Kanye vs. FiftyTroy Jones139
What kind of tuning would this kind of music like?Troy Jones10
Component 6.5Troy Jones15
Alternatives to terminal cups?Troy Jones12
What do you think?Troy Jones2
150 amp fuseTroy Jones7
OT how many of yall are deaf?Troy Jones34
KICKER CVT12Troy Jones16
Car Audio Equipment in the way?Troy Jones9
Upgrade from 2 12 SE to 2 15 SETrans Am LS713
RD Audio Classic seriesShowrides21
OT: bass enhancing programsryan shaw2
Sw8200Dustin Pettit8
Alright People...Little Input?cal payne7
DD9512 box ? ...[...Rovin...]5
Ups right on schedule... M0nkeyman69218
OT - RuckusKeith16
1000d still for sale:-(, 12" tc9 also...Rob49
VA new laws suck Yanks Fan17
W7 VS CVX Rob51
Ho altNaledge50313
Ohms lawNaledge5039
MwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaTroy Jones19
Ot: the aftermatch of 5 extractions Warnig Grapic inside !!Keith15
Install IssuesKiLLa7
Infinity boxBen4
Too good to be true?[...Rovin...]6
Whats the best way to...Paul Larrea6
Need everyone opinionRob9
OT: tech n9ne misery loves kompanyjake papa8
To port or not to it worth the lost space?glove9
Mixtape help???KingXOfXCleveland6
Which box design better?Snarl200411
I am in Need of a Custom Built Box For 2 12" ALPINE SWR-1242D, For ...ctmike2
For Sale DD 9918z The Doktah29
Check out my BOys VIC killerzracing711
To port or not to it worth the lost space?sean3
Need some professional assistance!!Zpeedy McLovin9
Using Both outputs on the amp or just 1scott s10
Multiple 10" setup... suggestions.Zpeedy McLovin13
Ordered some subs for my dads bday lol opinionssean8
RobJ Noel3
Battery set this right?glove21
Early 90's ex-cab gmc 4.67 cu ft under seatMeSoDumm1
OT>Fun Little Platform GamePaul Larrea8
I Need a Custom Dual Subwoofer Box for a 1999 Ford MustangJ Noel12
Box design HELPJamie18
Box SpecsJack2
OT: Headunit. any good?Rob2
Port helpRob3
Elec upgrade help plzzzzRob15
Need 1 ohm stable 1000rms ampRob16
HOLY shyt batmat britneyRob26
OT my 18th bdayBen13
SSA Iconctmike12
Sound deadeningTh3Vir3s3
Bernys fiberglassed door panels 9/08/07Troy Jones31
Dd 2510actmike2
Selling My 12" Re Audio XXX on E-Bay....Troy Jones12
RD Audio Alpha 12" V1 on the TL :-)...Kevin Holden6
SATsTroy Jones16
OT: I wanna build one of these!!!!!cam13
DD 9518 or Solo X 18Troy Jones15
Extra batt?phil14
Using Tweeters with Amp and SubLouis1
OT>New Shoewcam34
Using 1 voice coil on a DVC sub, damage?Louis5
Awesome results with audioqueSnarl200427
Big 3???alex cole7
USF raped auburn!!!!Canaan5
Tweeters make scratching noise w/bassglove21
Say goodbye to Paul Larrea everyonephil20
OT> Hyperbrights?Thieves21
RE8's VS Tang Band W8-740P sean12
Just ordered 2 ehqs 8s lets see how they are killerzracing711
Anybody got onechris stiles9
Best SQL Subwoofer?sean24
Selling everything!!!!!!!!!J Noel33
New to this quick questionM0nkeyman6928
Yahoo fantasy football discusionChad Lee16
SS RL-i 8 vs. DD 1008denim6
4x6's and tweeter suggestionsTWiZTiD3
Today (no pics)....jeremy6
Diamond AudioRyan Hubartt8
OT>joey chestnut linked to HGHRob2
Yo ChaunceChauncey Brown9
Explain something to me?Naledge50320
Help for friend plzKingXOfXCleveland5
Watch all think??Kyle Longbrake18
00' Tahoe electrical upgrade suggestions?Matt Bradshaw5
Virtually reality amp lol????Marc15
Funny picStan Wojtalewicz8
Upgrading.Joshua M. Jones8
For Sale ~ 15" RD Audio Alpha v2Hunter Warren9
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