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JBL or MTX*SuperFly*10
MDF or Fibreglass For SQ?Mark S16
Question With Rca's to ampBrian Tucker9
JL on ebayBrian Tucker21
SX and XXX owners...attention plzmatt thigpen18
Nice Step By Step Box Building ProcessChauncey Brown2
What am i looking for???Stevie doo7
Help PleaseBryce Gesser26
WAY too good to be true...WAY TOO GOOD!Chauncey Brown16
Whats the differenceucfsaxman9
Materials need to make a subwoofer box?Mark S13
Best subChauncey Brown8
Whats up with ascendant audio.BassManMIke4
Need help rockford sub problemfrkkevin2
Subwoofer QuestionTrevor Eaton2
Real RE Group BuyTrevor Eaton30
Loud Sealed SubsBrian Tucker11
2 SEs vs 1 idmaxmatt thigpen7
Something I realized....Chauncey Brown3
RE MT12two4fifteen4
Slot ported box helpJake Davis6
I need some serious bang helptwo4fifteen19
Good?Jake Davis10
Block the boxBrandon2
RE MT ????two4fifteen5
Big trunk or small trunk?two4fifteen6
How will I wire my speakers?Donato2
Ported or sealedChauncey Brown5
Ported box experts what did i do wrong?Bryan B6
Rockford fosgate subs???CadillacDb3
Know if my subwoofer is blow or notBruno77773
Some stuff for saleChauncey Brown61
How much should these subs go for..Chauncey Brown2
Just need to recheck before hooking it all up...Eric Velkoverh3
2 subs or 1scott DeBaker3
Memphis audioMarcus Bauer6
I did 160.1dB on the TL this weekend!!!!sean16
Isaac? mikechec94
How to bridge an amp from stereo to mono.ty mutlow14
Rockford fosgate T1'sSuperFly5
Box Fur 6 SuperFly6
Entire systemAnonymous13
Amp on ebayQuick Shot1
An intresting post to learn fromCompluva2
What size custom box???joe ruskowski5
How important is EPB?Sevin71
Not car audio...N2O help lolBrian Tucker27
Band pass boxBrandon2
How do I connect amplifiers?Brandon2
Best amp for 2 JL 12w3v2 ?ucfsaxman6
I need all the advice i can getucfsaxman5
JL 12w3ucfsaxman3
How much to sell for?CadillacDb4
General sound systemLukas Hoffman32
Sealed Box Questions12 oUnCe MouSe10
JL 500/1 but which SUB ??? Jonathan/Isaac or anyone elseMO42
Just thought id share another ideaIsaac5
Xxs vs. sx two4fifteen8
How is this?zac davis2
Stupidest question ever mrcrazydude9
Wiring plz help!Jake Davis2
What would the downfall betwo4fifteen9
Need 10inch sub for small sealed box ~400rmstwo4fifteen7
High Output AlternatorsChauncey Brown2
Box TypeChauncey Brown3
Quick Advice On X.X.X PLease & ThanksJeepo5
Position of speakersmikechec911
Have no idea how to wire the sub...Chad Lee19
Help!!!!!!!!!Chad Lee5
"i am willing to spend this on subs"... sick of all of the posts?...case1820413
Box for Type-R's in an MDXjack21
RE SX 15baseball118712
Type r...sealed or portedcasey wood4
HelpRico Espinosa7
What am I missing?Chris Person9
Could have just found the problem with the dimming lights!MuddyWaters13
What's the difference??SuperFly2
Car to shelf systemTyler5
Does anyone know...Brandon2
Need a link plzzSuperFly4
How would these subs do?Dustin Pettit6
Atlas portedDustin Pettit5
Two questionsBrandon4
I'm new to this...Brandon2
Sub enclosure ?Jamey Jacks3
Ascendant Audio Avalanche 15 FOR SALE on eBayBryce Gesser27
Which sub would you buy???Chauncey Brown5
FOR SALE "2 12inch Sony Xplods"Audio Wizard10
True watts on ajl 1000/1SuperFly14
Future systemSuperFly43
Would this setup blow my 2x subs?SuperFly2
Large sealed enclosures killerzracing716
See something new everyday SiX17
Would there be a difference?bAnonymous4
What ohmTyler5
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