Slot ported box help


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I'm planning on building a dual slot ported box,
and have a few questions here...

1. How close is too close for the end of the port to be to the back wall?

2. Should I subtract inner port area from box space to find volume?

3. Whats the best way to find my sub's displacement?

3. Anyone have a goodcutaway view of a proper slot port box and/or really good slot port box webpage?


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i tell you what it all depends on subs, and yopu can find a premade slot ported for almost as cheap as what it will cost to make it. Trial and error can become costly.

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Registered: Nov-05 has a goodcutaway view of what a slot port box should look like. but don't go according to their specs for your sub cause those specs are for re subs.

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here is a picture of mine but its not done yet.


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1. usually slot ports are 1 inch wide or wider and you want to keep the slot on the side the same width on the back.

2. basic geometry, brake it down to sections, be careful and don't overlap the corner and remember wood thickness.

3. should be avaliable on the spec sheet

4. see chad's post

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Chad or Brandon, do you have any websites that have details on the math/formulas to figure out how much port area you need, tuning, etc? I know there are "calculators" on the net, but I would like the actual formulas and I haven't been able to find them anywhere on the net.
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