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Kicker jl or what?mikechec97
Audiobahn or kicker? lolMichael Anthes11
Quick questionCasey Compton3
Would this idea worksean40
Decided to sellJustin13
Help Wiring 4 SubsCody Hinrichs4
Are these subs any goodShawn2
DODGE RAM sub boxRam1500Hemi2
Newbie HelpMonte N. Faison II5
Street bass an spl/comp bassScott1
Dual band pass or regular [OO] sub box ???Anonymous4
Tried rewiring subs >> big car problemsmike25
BL NumbersAaron Hobbs14
I want spl, i dont know what to doDareDevil3
Jl 500/1 powering 2 subs ? mikechec98
2 Way Pager Alarmsmikechec97
Breaking in new subtaylor176
Box building?DareDevil14
Tune portsAn AUDIOBAHN Fan8
Time To Clean It Up Arround HereSean Gibson28
Alpine Type RJace Edlund12
Water proof subsQuick Shot13
Mo and Subfanaticwater4
12" W6V2 Handle 500 watts RMS?Quick Shot2
I need EVERYONES help with this....Jake Hill36
GLASSS!!!! I'll be keeping this thread alive for a while lol, so ex...Subfanatic61
WHAT IS BEST FOR A 300 WATT AMP???Chris Klein21
WORD OF THE WEEK: Distortionbigyellowtaxi16
Help with ported L7 kungpowchciken3
Help wiring my subsJoe Smoe24
Hey sean...sean9
Anybody know where I could find a db meter?sean5
What happens when a speaker is tuned below its FSsean5
Ok i know people have tv screens in there cars...but how about this?adam pitkoff11
Very IMPORNTANTMichael Anthes5
138 db's for 600$ CDNJC8
Need Help from the experts!!Jack25
T30001bdHunter Warren16
New updates about my system/car! (and a question)Guttt26
JL package questionDareDevil11
Want a good sub here ya go.mikechec913
What Do You Think??Quick Shot4
RE audio component speakersAdam1
Late night tippenQuick Shot36
RE SX 12 subwoofer vs. . . . . .MO5
Could a titan run 3 12" L5s?James Longo9
Anything for sale/trade post heer.water37
Xmax, what would you say is a decent/average #GlassWolf10
How come nobody discusses these brands ?GlassWolf16
Is this a good combocorey lipnisky1
Orion vs kickertaylor177
Cerwin vegaWahl5
Kicker l7 boxScott DeBaker5
12" RE " *" pricingbigboat1
$$$ no objectkirun17
WHAT the hell is all this 4ohm,2ohm,1ohm business???Rovin6
Infinity 310AShawn M11
1 DD3512 and 2 PPI PCX2200's?DareDevil1
Which subs are best for me?Justin7
12" or 15" avalanche? Opinions please.......Quick Shot11
Quick SQ opinionMikey H7
Hunter! or anyone familier with adire audio!Joe Smoe13
Hey Glass need your opinion GlassWolf5
Kinda funny. companies are CHEAP!BassManMIke4
I must ask this: What does sql mean?Sean Gibson10
RE XXX 12 / Questions / Glasswolf or anyone who owns oneMO11
Jl 12v3 vs memphis m3bo ellis1
Box stuffingThatGuyYouKnow15
More Thump = Bigger Sub ???Josh Miller17
Whats wrong with my subbigboat14
SubZone Box??noname0007
POLK VS Kickernoname0006
Need 2 12"sJustin7
Fiber glassers take a lookRam1500Hemi13
Audiobahn Pro Compression Subsclayton klukas9
Need Help Glass or anyone elseGuttt13
Looking for a p5002 and another amp for 3 kickerOso5
All Experts NEEDED!Subfanatic1
Accurate answers from qualified vets, please!!!Dave Richer15
Good box size for reg cab silverado???????Compluva2
Its HOT !!!taylor1719
An article that catches my intrest thought id share ittaylor172
Best "sql" sub for the $: DD3500 , RE SX, or IDMAXSean Gibson1
Subwoofer Enclosure fabric ?Knacko10
Hows this look for a box?mike8
I'm curious.....Isaac W.4
SuggestionsJoey Ingle3
High SPL subs???ray bueno20
12W7 VS. 13.5W7Quick Shot3
Which Sub Would Give Me The Best SPLTyler Moncrief14
Seald box to portedrigger19
Fishman grillsRichie1
Glasswolf and other expertsIsaac W.6
All my questions put into one post lolSubfanatic9
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