Xmax, what would you say is a decent/average #


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i was just wondering to compare to my subs

so what would you saw was a good amount of Xmax for a sub?

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id say average these days is about 24. 28+ is a good amount

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dang mines only 11.5, haha o well

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dude r u sure average is that...cuz i mean...that would mean like everybody that is average has a brahma...i bet it is lower...but maybe on this forum...i could be that...i mean think of all the people with type rs and cvrs...and walmart subs...not many people have xxxs and brahmas...and stuff...or is that bothways...that would make more sense

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I would definately say that 24mm of xmax AVERAGE is a little high Hunter. I would put average of all subs around like 15-ish. Like mike was saying, 11.5, most lower end subs dont have that much.

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xmax for 9500 is 25.5 and i would consider this sub higher than average

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Well the 13w7 is rated for 32mm of xmax, that is high and it just looks awesome. But 32mm is WAY above average. Take a look:


This is actually a 12w7 which is 29mm. Tight!

gonzo 1
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does any 1 know where i can get boston acoustic pro 12.5 sub's at a good price? i'm installing them in my ski nautique.

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20 mm of xmax is considered a high excursion sub in my boox.

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xmax isn't, by itself, going to tell you much.
a high xmax doesn't mean a high SPL sub.. and a low xmax doesn't man the sub isn't loud.
the XXX has less xmax than the SX from RE, but the SX is louder.
the Kicker L7 has a relatively small xmax, but it's a good SPL sub anyway.

remember, if you want to look at excursion, look at not just Xmax, but Xsus, Xmag, and Xmech as well. Xmax is just linear travel.. you can have subs that can hit well beyond linear travel by playing beyond the magnetic gap.. while hard to control a sub at this stage, it does make for more SPL when done right.

anyway point is, xmax alone is pretty maningless.
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