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What do u think about kaption audio for subs?lcasella1
Kicker CompVX subsBrAd GiLmAn43
Problem with box and or sub...Young James3
Pre-wired at 4 ohmsYoung James19
Ideas???jake papa2
How much is this sub worth?Young James3
CES 2006 picsmikechec92
2 L7 vrs BrahmaDustin7
1200 watts or 2400 watts???Demon Pride33
How low does each genre of music get to?Pelon28
Conceptdougls j rowland2
Weird noise from boxdougls j rowland3
Chop , Cut , Rebuild ......killerzracing7110
Mobile authorityDan the man6
Is this a good deal?Chad Lee3
12v or 14.4vdougls j rowland5
Mtxjones palmer1
Right box for two type-eBassManMIke5
Last resortIsaac6
What to do to power it?Chauncey Brown6
Help w/ last install!!* Rovin *6
What should i do????????dougls j rowland7
Question about qiring subs to 2 amps....pleasse helpblaine westropp5
How will it sound?Chauncey Brown2
Sub boxes from
3 12W6v2 & MB Quart RAA1000ty mutlow5
Question about qiring subs to 2 amps....pleasse helpty mutlow4
Subwoofer NoiseAnonymous11
Massive audiomixneffect6
Alpine type X'sChauncey Brown20
Distinguished bass notesJonathan11
Hooking up three 12 inch kickers.Greeney3
Anyone have an RE 12.1 amp??how many +'s and -'s??blaine westropp10
Mounting subs?Greeney13
Which is More of a Powerful System kicker l7 or T1 PunchCasey Wood12
Power acoustikCasey Wood5
Type of box??Lee Horton8
Is this new or oldCasey Wood9
Wattage questionMichael Fabrizio10
Crazy subsAndre Jamison21
Directed Amp for 10w3v2s?ty mutlow4
Need help choosing an ampty mutlow14
Two Alpine Type-R's or One XXX-15Pimp8
Off topic..... car problems.....Jonathan10
Electrical Units Of Measurmentcharlie11
RE SX PRICE???blaine westropp6
Chi town's finest needs adviseAndre Jamison5
My RE12's are now for sale on EbayCasey Wood2
What is that SQ, SPL, and SQL BullshitAnon7
Need Help/suggestionsChauncey Brown41
Recommend Sub. DVC, 2ohm per coil, around 200W RMSTravis Brown3
Kicker 06 line upCasey Wood2
Off topic....Casey Wood13
Box dimensionsAM25
Kicker comp VXjake papa2
Searchin for subss!!!!! Steven Sudzina1
Woofer wiring questionMatthew Lee1
Anyone watch ultimate fightingDustin2
RE 12.1 amp???Jake Hill7
HRe SXderick061
Good stuff at cheap prices bid guyssean1
Massive audioBad_Azz_Bowtie4
K don't need another ava... 15" AVALANCHE 4 Sale...Bret Harris28
Info on the new RE linekillerzracing716
Best 15" Subs on the Market Today?John1
Amps and boxesBrandon3
How Good Are My Subs????Greeney6
I need 2 know about rmscharlie3
Mike jonesblaine westropp1
2 12' Type R's VS 2 15' Type R'sT.J.2
Will this sounds alright?lee h1
Whats louder someone a little help!Trey Kirby11
Which amp is better?Trey Kirby5
Box Help?T.J.3
2 12' Type R's VS 2 15' Type R'sVC1
Best Of Both WorldsMichael Lazott2
Anyone know where i can get this for cheaperChad Lee1
Laffy Taffy vs. Man UpB35
What would beat this in SPLDustin Pettit26
What fits my subs?logan till3
Heres a REALLY good old school amp for someone to grab Young James2
Type R max rms?Logan Bownds21
Kicker or OrionDustin Pettit6
Db drivethe great1
Yeah finallyKevin Davis3
I think i blew my sub? need helpYoung James3
How do i know if my subwoofer supports 2ohms?Panamanian3
Help Wiring For 2 ohms Please...Optidriven8
Is this True?Kevin Davis4
Sound questionucfsaxman3
Loudest Of JLucfsaxman11
Vibration dampening Q'ssean25
Perfect Subs For Kicker kx2500?Pimp9
Weird Kicker Solo-baric ProblemChauncey Brown3
Site 4 dementionsGreeney3
Opinions/help on Infinity Kappa Perfect Subs?James Palanza1
Jl audioNOL1M1TSOLD1ER12
Alpine Type E Sub Miguel Reyes3
Trevor eaton Greeney2
A box or two for my Dodge Dakota Standard Cab..D P W2
Good deal?Young James8
Help Choosing subs for my amp!ucfsaxman2
Which amp? Cvr 10'sThomas White4
Plexi glassAndre Jamison4
Anybody lookin for a new ALT?B18
Need help with a songMAtthew Steinkamp3
Friend's F-150the great12
AA comp setChad Lee5
Will 2 sub 200wrms each play louder than 1 sub 500wrms?B16
Jl 12w3d4Brandon4
RE SE 15" box + fleck paint (not carpet)Demon Pride7
Please explain the deal with hertz.Andre Jamison7
Cubic Feetryan c.6
Sub HelpJay B.1
Trunk SizesDaryl Blackston8
Kicker L7 10"charlie5
Whats StreeBeat?Corey Brooks14
Jvc avx1 follow upJason Krakehl6
Are these any good?Chauncey Brown11
Sub enclosureB5
What's this song??J-Dub3
I have a ?Dustin Pettit3
Resonant Engineering 12 Inch RE Sub for SALEJames Palanza2
Sub boxBeetleBoyz20051
Another ? BeetleBoyz20051
Good bassCorey Brooks14
System for my truckChauncey Brown22
How big shuld i get itThomas White14
Soundjake papa11
Powering my new sxKevin Previe10
What do you think?* Rovin *6
RF T212D4 vs 12" w7juliob15
2 jl w3v2 subscharlie17
Should i get these?Anonymous11
How do these audiobahns lookChauncey Brown15
JBL!?!???????Chauncey Brown6
For 2 subs in an enclosure, what does it mean when...bassman37
I got an audiobahn a8000t and looking for 2 subs to go with itbassman315
Question on dimming lightsReLOaDeD10
Enclosure questionDerrick Moreau7
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