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Sony Xplode XS-W1321 4 ohm car speakersdskillz11
Marantz SR7300 goes into protect mode!Bruce Neill6
Onkyo txsr701 or 601stevie d1
Onkyo 601/701 + Mission M33/34Anonymous1
Onkyo tx-ds676 or the onkyo tx-sr601? need helpSarandon1
Onkyo 701 "click" on power on/offNed1
Sub dropout on my T752UNICRON-WMD5
Replaced old Marantz with Denon AVR-3803--simply awesome! Get one w...jonk1
Receiver to go w/ PSB'sKev516
Got my PE DV47avi... now what?sgtpeper14
RCA Cable Adapt to Optical or Coaxial Audiogeekboy2
Matching KEF XQ5 to B&K AVR507 JER2
Is a THX certified receiver actually worth it?Sarandon22
Best DSP mode pollStone4
Rotel 1055Chester II7
Best $1000 Receiver? (for 90% Movies)aman64
Volume maxed out for normal listening?geekboy11
Opinion on HK 7200 & Boston Acoustics VR seriesHawk2
Home theater advice - Denon AVR-3803therealelitefan2
Should I replace my 5.1 HK AVR500 for a THX 7.1 pioneer VSX 43TX & ...Don5
THX DVD on Non THX recieverGregory Stern5
Distortion? On vocal highs through center channel.sgtpeper2
SOT: Did I make a decision I'm going to regret?Gregory Stern3
Please Help Novice With Selections!!!!Anonymous4
Marantz 7400 drop outsAnonymous1
NAD DecisionAnonymous24
Best Receiver for >1500usdIam Canadian as well9
Rxv3300 vs 2400Rosie4
Just purchased H/K AVR 430, should I add to my speakers or start fr...John Ramirez1
Need to match surround speakers?Anonymous1
Pioneer VSX-D812 versus Pioneer Elite VSX-41PeterGalbraith7
Onkyo w/ B&W or Boston AcousticJessica M1
NAD T753 not enough power for Paradigm Studio 60?Hawk6
Need front speaker recomendation Pete6
HK avr630 + speakersAnonymous4
Superbowl in HDTV of coursegeekboy7
THX 4.0Shawn Exner4
Audition speakersAnonymous4
Front Speakers for nad 743Anonymous1
Component video beginner's questionJohnny2
OSD on 59TXitherealelitefan3
HK 7200: best spkr match, and vs. Integra 7.3therealelitefan5
Does Energy center channel match with Polk?Anonymous9
Budget Speakers for Marantz sr4400valeem5
Receiver recommendations with 4 ohm speakers Paul T2
Recommendation for speakers below $1000Hawk7
Hunting for HawkMy Rantz7
RX-V1400 receiver and amplifierRico J7
RX-V1400 or ?Rico J14
Receiver audio-out questionNC AV2
Receiver's Pre-Out to an integrated ampGan3
Any duties buying in US and shipping to CanadaGoose13
Nad t742 or marantz sr5300Anonymous6
Yamaha RX-V496Matt Magz2
NAD receiver for mirage omnisat speakers/NAD retailershannon1
Help with a receiver for B&WsAnonymous14
Is a Marantz sr5200 upgradeable?Eagle5
Speakers for Marantz SR-14EXJames Lee3
Marantz SR-4300 for Home Theater?James Lee8
Need HelpJohnny K.7
Parasound halo pre/amp w/manepan 1.6qrGregory Stern7
Frequency RangeJohn A.18
Yamaha RX-V740 and BA Sys8000BBill Lentz3
Amp/Receier HelpJohn A.45
Final DecisionJohnny K.2
Why is the music so loud, and voices are so quiet?Berny8
Off topic:Paradigm Seismic 12 Sub..Paul T1
Harman Kardon DPR1001 anybody know how good?Hawk5
Speaker choice??Hawk6
Marantz or Onkyo for HTJ.S.T.1
Marantz SR7400 powerfull enough to...........Johan11
Receiver choiceAnonymous11
Onkyo vs nad EWAN KADITO4
RXV 1400, what Movie listening modeEWAN KADITO2
Please guys, recommend me the best sounding $500 receiver...i am de...EWAN KADITO16
NAD T753 firmware info?Lars J. Aas18
Little Help PleaseNervous Buyer3
Who are the high end speaker maunufacturers?David H. Herndon6
DynAudio Audience 42Hawk8
Which would you Recommend ? Hawk9
Denon AVR-3803!Hawk4
NAD T753 speakers A&B questionLars J. Aas4
NAD T752/Paradigm Studio 20v3's two months later..Goose13
Need suggestionHawk6
Avr630 vs marantz 7400Anonymous1
Marantz sr6400 / sr7400Anonymous4
Good Online Place to Buy Monitor Audio Bronze Bookshelf Speakers Etc.David Foster4
NAD t753 with Totem satellites?Hawk2
H/K & Canton Speakers?Blazer8
2nd Zone-NAD questionyoyoc25
Exclusive Denon AVR-3805 Informational First Look!Audioholic1
AV Reciever HelpDavid Freedman1
Need some help...Adam16802
Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1Hawk9
NAD T773 With Snell speakers - wow!!Daniel Benatar1
Denon 3803 owners - Speaker suggestions please!jonk2
Help with connection Paul R.1
NAD T773 VS Yamaha RZ X1 or RXV 3300 ROSIE3
RXV3300vs THX certified RXV2400Bobby Big Boots2
Nad ReceiversHawk18
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