NAD T773 VS Yamaha RZ X1 or RXV 3300


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Can anyone help in choosing one of these three receivers. What should one pay for the Nad T773. How would it compare to the Yamaha RX Z1 or the Rxv 3300.
Whould any of these three receiver choices go well with Paradigm M7's. What price range are these 3 in. I'm Shopping and need help.

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I just bought a NAD T773. I am exceptionally pleased with it...extatic to be more precise. Since it's a somewhat new release you might be hard pressed to find deals. I paid $1799 which is MSRP. When shopping on-line make sure you are dealing with an authorized dealer (no matter what brand you buy). If it is not an authorized dealer you won't have a valid warranty.

Same goes for eBay and what not. You might get an excellent deal but you are gambling if you do have a problem down the road.

As you will find in many other discussions here the Paradigms are an excellent match with NAD. I have Paradigms from my previous RXV 2092 that I had and it's a good match.

Paradigms are also a good match with Yamaha. I can't give a comparison to the RX Z1 or the RXV 3300 since I have never personally compared them. I had an RXV 2400 which was no comparison to the T773 IMHO.

I wouldn't think twice about recommending the NAD and not looking back. Others here may have some real life experience with the Yamaha models in question. I am personally done with them which is another story in itself.

LISTEN to your options and make the decision yourself. I brought a NAD demo home and that's all it took for me. By all means don't get caught up in the specs. Features are certainly important but many manufacturers overstate power ratings for sure.

I have learned a lot from my experience with this recently and the folks on here.

And you know what they say about opinions...Good luck.

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Thank's for you opinion JDG. That helps alot. I wish the Nad were better looking. T773 has alot of power. Thanks again!
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