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Hi everyone, I am looking for best receiver I can buy for less than 1500usd, with 1500 being the absolute maximum (because that means around 2000+ cnd dollars up here, damn duties). I have the following speaker set-up: PSB Stratus Bronze fronts, PSB C6I center, PSB Century 300i's for the rear, and an older Cerwin Vega SUB-150 for the sub. I am looking at about 80%HT and 20%Music, and have a small room now, but will be moving the system into a bigger room (I hope) when I find a house. Once in a house, the HT/Music ratio will increase slightly in favour of music because of the extra privacy (I live in an apartment building right now). I don't like gimicks on receivers and I don't need second zone capabilities, but I do want features like established surround modes like Pro-Logic II, DTS, DDigital, etc. Most importantly, I am interested in sound, I dont want to be underpowered and I want to bring out the clarity that the PSB's are capable of. If any of you know of a quality receiver that fits the bill, post it in here please. Sony's and Yamaha's need not apply (for different reasons) and please do not take offense to this exclusion, it is just a personal preference. Thanks for all the help!
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I am...,

Ever since a couple of trolls made life miserable on this forum a few months back, I have been a little hesitant to whole-heartedly recommend one certain brand, but in this case, I really feel that I must...not to push anything on anyone, but simply because I feel strongly about my recommendation. I am not going to go so far as to say that "NAD is the absolute best receiver under $1500", but in your case specifically, I think it just might be just what you are looking for. (note: this is just my opinion...please take it as such).

I think for you, without a doubt, NAD is the way to go. I have several reasons for this recommendation. First of all, you have awesome PSB speakers. PSB and NAD are owned by the same parent company, and I feel that they compliment each other very well. I have an NAD T762 paired with PSB Image series speakers, and the combination sounds simply awesome. NAD is known as being very precise and detailed...the PSB speakers bring out this clarity even more.

The second reason I recommend NAD is your distaste for gimmicks on receivers. NAD is about as no-gimmicks as you can get. They have all of the current sound formats (PLII, DTS, DD, etc), but none of the useless "surround modes" such as "concert hall" a la Yamaha.

My final reason for recommending NAD to you is for your concerns with power. NAD receivers are definately NOT underpowered. They are very conservative in their power ratings. So if they say they put out 100 watts per channel, it may actually be a little higher than that. This definately makes NAD and a few other brands unique in that they do not artificially inflate their power ratings as do most of the mass market brands.

I would strongly urge you to check out some of the NAD products. Like I said, I have the 762 and it is wonderful. If you can find any left, the price is right on these receivers since the newer 763 just came out. Either one of these two has 100w x 6 and can be had for under your budget limit.

Good luck and please let us know what you decide!

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Unless you want or have a universal dvd player with i-link (firewire)--such as Pioneer Elite 47AVi or the new 59AVi which has certain advantages over other connections and performance (particularly on SACD and DVD-Audio) you would probably go with a PE 55TXI that can be found at around $1,050. The new 59Avi can upconvert standard dvd discs at 480 pixels to HDTV level, plus has direct HDMI connections to HDTV's. The HDMI can be used as DVI-D.

But if you have, like most people, a dvd player without firewire connections, I too would get a NAD receiver at this price level. Either the new T763 or the new T773. Most online discounters in the US sell the NAD T763 (list $1399)from $1,050 to $1,100. The T773 (list $1799) from $1,400 to $1,500. Although I have a friend that would sell them cheaper. But probably not to Canada.

You probably have to, or want to buy locally---and it would probably be significantly less expensive to buy the T762 than the T763 if your local dealer is clearing them out.

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Having had the T762 and now the T763, I would add that if you can pick up the T762 for significantly less, go for it. I really don't see a significant difference between the two units.

Your other choice at that price might be separates like Outlaw etc.

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I also strongly recommend NAD receivers, especially in Canada where ther prices are actually reasonable compared to other brands that are about twice the US cost.

I purchased a NAD T742 a few months ago for C$650 and am extremely happy with it. I believe the T752 can be had in the C$900-$1000 range if you can still find them. As far as the new line goes they're probably C$300 or so more than the models they replace.

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I looked at the NAD T763's last week and decided to go Integra due to the added features (especially Net-Tune). Nothing to do with quality and sound, which the NAD sales specialist (the longest standing NAD dealer in CANADA) said Onkyo and NAD are very comparable. Also, you ARE a true Canadaian as both PSB and NAD are Canadian companies! I don't think you will have any quams with this selection after auditioning them myself!

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any online companies selling either NAD or integra? i am in the market for a similarly priced receiver.

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For NAD, see or or not to mention used items on e-bay or

I didn't find much for Integra, just

Check the company's home page to make sure you get an authorized dealer.

Iam Canadian as well
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Go with the Yamaha Rxv 3300. Awesome receiver for $1400.00 canadian. + Taxes. Very good receiver. Good luck!!!
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