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Hrmm.. Hate to sound stupid, but for some reason I can't get my component monitor out to work on my HK 525. Anyone with any insight would be much appreciated. My TV is a Mitsubishi WS-55807 and I'm running a set of component cables from the DTV input (tried setting them at RGB and Y Pr Pb in the TV setup) and it connects to the Monitor Out Component section on the HK, but I get no video. As soon as I plug a S-Video cable from the Monitor Out on the HK to the video-1 on the TV, everything works.

I even tried going from the HK Monitor out component to the TV Component Input 1 or 2 and setting up that input and no picture.. There are some AV settings on the TV if you're hooking up a receiver and I tried most of those possibilities. In the HK manual it says that it will automatically use the component monitor outs if they're plugged in..

Sorry to rant, hopefully you guys can give me some ideas..

Thanks Again!

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Username: Adam1680

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Damnit.. I figured out what the problem is.. I have S-Video in for my Direct Tv, there is no component out on my TiVo box.. I found in the HK manual "The AVR 525 will accept either standard composite, S-Video, or Y/Pr/Pb component video signals. However, it will not convert composite or S signals to Component video."

So that means I have to run 2 connections to my TV, or buy a component out Direct TV box and VCR? Is that standard in AV receivers or am I just lucky because I have one that works like that?

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