Please Help Novice With Selections!!!!


I just bought the Definitive Tech Pro Cinema 60 speaker package. Now I am looking for a receiver that will go nicely with those speakers. I have no clue and reading all of this is making me very nervous 1) that I just spent lots on speakers (for me) and it might sound like crap if I don't get the right receiver or 2) that it might sound like crap no matter what if I don't set this all up right.

I am having buyers remorse a bit and need help! I am not an audiophile AT ALL, but I love music and just want it to sound good and commensurate/worth the money I am spending.

Keep in mind, when I listen to this, I am not going to be able to tell what sounds tinny or high or whatever appropriate terms you guys were using earlier. So I just need experienced advice.

What expense level receiver is appropriate for the speakers I bought? I was thinking a $499 rec'r would be fine and am considering the Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo, and Denon in that price range. Which one?

Also, I have the universal Pioneer DV-563A DVD player. Is that crap? I was reading mixed reviews on that which scared me. I mean I just can't spend $500 to get the "best" sound.

I just want my music to sound better than if I had bought a $500 HTIB.


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Of the brands you listed I would choose either the Pioneer vsx912 or the Onkyo 601 but you should also consider the Marantz sr-5400. A warmer unit will sound better with the Def Tech speakers you bought.

Thank you. Last question. Music is my passion, though I will watch movies. Is Def Tech not the one for me considering that? I was also considering the Energy Take 5.2 and I guess could make the exchange.

One more question. What about the NAD T742 with these speakers? And do I need a receiver with a component input? Because the NAD does not have it and a Marantz 5300 I can get discounted does not seem to have it either.....
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