Good Online Place to Buy Monitor Audio Bronze Bookshelf Speakers Etc.



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You might try I bought my Gold Reference speakers from Ginger- she gave me a good price. The Bronze series are considerably less expensive. Be specific about which speakers you want a quote on, as there are various Bronze series speakers.

I think downtown audio sells them too. I know on the more expensive speakers you should generally get at least 20% off--maybe 25% if you counter-offer.

That kind of margin might exist for these dealers on the bronze series--I don't know, but they may be less willing to sell for less than 15-20% off as the amount of money left for them is considerably less.

But it doesn't hurt to ask. You might mention my name as buying 2 pairs of Gold Reference GR10's, GR center channel, and subwoofer from them in Nov. 2002. It may help you get a better price being referred.

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I know Kiefs is a big Monitor Audio dealer ( and I highly recommend them. Go on their website to get their phone number. They sell them at 20% off MSRP in most cases and give top notch service.

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If buying locally is an option, I highly recommend using a local dealer, preferably independent. It's my bias, of course, but I am not a fan of the Tweeterfication of home audio/video.

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