Marantz SR7300 goes into protect mode!


Bruce Neill
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My Sr7300 (which I am very happy with both in HT and music) has gone into protect mode a few times and my suspicion is that it may be a heat problem. We have been having very hot temps and high humidity. The unit sure gets hot although I can keep my hand on it (barely) with scalding. There is plenty of space arounnd the receiver and nothing on top. Last occurrence was in source direct stereo with volume at only -12.

Like to hear from anyone with similar occurrences or from anyone with other explanations.

In case of any relevance, speaker set up is as follows:
Front: JBL XTi60's 6ohm 25 - 150 watts
Center: B&W LCR6 series2 8ohms Max 150watts
Rears: JBL S3611's 8ohm max 150watts
Sub: Richter Krakatoa

Thanks from downunder

Bruce Neill
Unregistered guest
Sorry: should be without scalding!

Another item to note is that on a Van Morrison CD his voice distorted on a couple of tracks but since I changed from analogue outputs to optical there has been no problem - also no peaking in normal stereo mode since the change. I love the sound of this unit but these protect mode ocurrences worry me a bit even though it has happened only a few times. Any ideas appreciated.

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Hi Bruce,

I have the Marantz 7300ose and I also had it go into protect mode on two occasions.

The first was caused because I didn't have enough ventilation around the unit (which doesn't seem to be your situation). It got very hot on this occasion.

The second time was caused by a an exposed speaker wire short.

Since correcting these issues I haven't had a problem and I have driven it pretty hard at times but it does get quite hot at times.

If you recently purchased it you might want to exchange it for a new one to see if you have a faulty unit.

Otherwise, you could try using a small external fan to help cool it down.

I would also check your wiring to make sure everything is connected properly.

As long as it isn't going into protect mode I wouldn't worry too much about the heat.


Bruce Neill
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Thanks for your input. Have checked wiring though it hasn't shut down since 2 days ago. Have played movies (5.1) since at about -6 which is the limit before surround effects might have the neighbors breaking down the doors.

One thing I thought of was the fact that we have had storms lurking and maybe a drop in power supply might have been the cause. If it were a fault I would think it should be easy to repeat. I'll wait and see because we can't just swap the unit here - I'd have to take it in to the appointed service centre and wait a couple of weeks for them to get around to it.

Would have liked the OSE but cost $500 more here in Australia. I believe both models are now scarce.

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i have a marantz sr4300, before this i was always afraid of going past -15db, since i think -15db is quite close to maximum in its range (from -infinty to +18db), but after i learned that people used to say that at 0db is its reference level, sometimes i turn it up to -10db on DVD movies, on my missions speakers its considered very very loud, i can't imagine you turn it up to -6db since your receiver is few class above mine...having more i guess you must be in a very big room...

anyway, you always can get those fan that people use to put on top of the monitor to cool down monitor, it did the same thing, it might cool ur receiver down by few celcious...

Bruce Neill
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Yes, our room is quite large 7m x 8m and 4.5m average height and speaker set up is 3.6 x 8m. Listening position is about 3.9m from front and 3m to back. I think the problem was either the extreme heat and humidity or a drop in power supply. I've had the 7300 since Xmas eve and since the last protect mode occurrence a few days ago, I've had no problems but if the unit needs a fan, then Marantz should have built one in - they should operate okay in all climates.
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