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Paul R.
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Thanx very much for replying like that & for the suggestions. Yesterday I bought the NAD but moved up to the 752 (80w x 5) for $859.00 Canadian. Have been hooking it up & playing with it for the last 2 days & luv the RICH sound. Can't really imagine anything sounding any better. I have an Athena sub now but we are getting some feedback noises (hums & low squeals) when it is connected. When i move the wires around it goes & comes. Do I need a special connection here?...I am using ordinary audio cables. I also have some challenges as far as hook-ups go as this receiver & cd player & tape deck are 15 feet from the TV. Do i have to use the receiver as a video in & out....or is just running the audio from it to the TV ok? I know i wont have everything controlled by the receiver then but my house layout makes it very hard to keep everything in 1 place. All I am looking for is quality sound without losing any video quality....I am using a digital video box & a 36" JVC TV. I am also a little confused on getting 5.1 sound from digital movie channels as well as on DVD's. Do i need digital video connections to get 5.1 & if so from where to where?
Anyway....thanx for your far so good.
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