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I just bought a Marantz SR-14EX in order to build my home theater around a solid component. I'm replacing/upgrading my existing system as I go. I'm new to this, but either something is wrong with my receiver, or (hopefully) my relatively cheap Hitachi DVD player. The player is supposed to be capable of sending both DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 to my receiver (via Digital coax). However, my receiver is not recognizing the 5.1 source and instead processing the signal using THX 4.0. While nicer than what I had, I was shooting for a quality 5.1 experience.

In my mind, the hook-ups could not be any easier. Am I missing something obvious? The receiver is new to me and I have yet to walk through 100% of the features and set-ups, but was hoping to find some direction before I waste 30 hours to find out it was something relatively simple.

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re-do the set-up on your DVD should give you instructions on how to turn on the digital bit-stream output

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Did you enable DD and DTS in the DVD players menu? That is most likely the prob. You are for sure testing with a DTS or DD movie correct? Have you tried other discs?

Also I am sure you checked, but make sure no sound mode is selected on the Marantz that would over ride the encoding from the DVD player. I don't know what the setting is called on Marantz but on many AVRs it is just auto-decode or just no soundfield selected.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Absolutely sure that the material was DD and DTS as I used several newly released movies (DD, THX and/or DTS encoded) and my DVD essestionls test DVD for source material. I had not checked my DVD set-up though.

The Marantz was set to use several different sound fields, including setting to auto which will analyze the incoming signal and select the appropriate processing. I'm hoping you guys are correct and the DVD set-up is an easy fix. Very much appreciated.
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