Who are the high end speaker maunufacturers?


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What speakers (other than B&W) are considered high end speakers?

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The best thing to do is pick-up a few magazines, including a buyers guide, and see what is in your budget and what to go looking for a listen. I run energy e:XL which would be mid-level and Klipsch Reference which would be upper-middle or lower high-end. Some others would be Totem (Middle High-end), Mirage (Upper Middle-end), and Athena (middle).

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Mench, Klipsch Reference, B&W, Paradigm Reference, Von Schwiekert (however you spell that), Maggies (Magnepan), Legacy (my brother has a pair of Legacy Whispers). Many are middle of the middle-end but some offer high middle to low higher-end speakers.

Even on this board, we generally talk about the electronics which sit in the "middle" of the "high-fidelity" range. We like to call it "mid-fi". :-) The Legacy Whispers would sit on the low-mid high-end... while the Paradigm Reference series would fit in the upper middle-end. There seems to be a wide gap -- chasm -- in both speakers and electronics prices. I find this gap starts at about $3K for both electronics and speakers, where you go from mid-fi to hi-fi. There's like NOTHING in-between those prices, for mid-fi, and the high end stuff... which seem to start at $10K! Makes wanting to go truly "high-end" that much more difficult without mortgaging the house (or winning the lottery).

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high end is such a broad term really... high end in the JM Labs can be 30,000 ea even higher. There are a number of speaker brands that cater to only the extremely rich or so it would seem. Most of us are stuck in a nice happy mid-fi, so I agree with Geekboy on that issue.

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Over the last several years, Consumer Report Magazine has tested many brands of high-fidelity speakers. Speakers made by BIC-America always seem to be rated near or at the top and they usually are also rated "best value." You should check them out.
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