Which would you Recommend ?


1. DENON - avr1604
2. HK - AVR230
3. Yamaha RX-V540
4. Onkyo TX-SR601
5. Marantz SR4400

Will listen to music 30% of the time and 70% movies and my budget around $400.

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If I were buying a receiver among these 5 I would probably go with the Onkyo TX-SR601. Obviously, none of these receivers are for very big rooms and all will perform better with at least medium to higher efficiency 8 ohm speakers.

The Onkyo has only one coaxial digital connection. For most people this won't be a big deal, as they connect there cd or dvd player through an optical digital connection to the receiver. But it has two component connections which more than compensate.

You'd probably have to go one up in the HK line to do better, like the AVR330. The Yamaha has a lot of DSP's, but that comes at the expense of a weaker amplifier and concentrates more on lower end connections for video.

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Depends on what speakers you are going to use with this receiver. What are they going to be?

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I wouldn't get any of them. For just a few bucks more, you can get something that is a huge step up in terms of sound quality and is better built (for example, the Denon only has one amplifier for all channels). My first suggestion is the Marantz SR5300, which you can get for $439 here:

http://accessories4less.com/Amazing/itemdesc.asp?CartId=962-EVEREST-2927KBZFQ336 &ic=MAR+SR5300&cc=&tpc=

Alternatively, for $449, you can get an NAD T742 from Saturday Audio Exchange. Easily the best sounding receiver under $500. Here is the link:


Click on the link for the "Deals Page."

Good luck!

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I would get panasonic sa-xr45 ($300 on the web). Try to have a listen at BB or CC or GG - sounds smooth and clean like an upscale piece.

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For me, I'd go with the RXV-540 since I'm into more of movies rather than music. DSP's of Yammies are great specially in movies. I could add more power in the future by just adding Amps into its pre-amp inputs. DSP's add realism to movies and they are neccessary unless you are contented with the ordinary sound format found in the above models.

Thanks for ur responses.

I don't any speakers as of now. I am considering Sonodyne speakers. I live in India and these are made here. The URL is http://www.sonodyne.com/sonus.htm

My room size is exactly 200 sq ft.

The problem I face is, I am asking a friend to get the receiver from the US and so I will not get a chance to listen to it with the Sonodyne speakers unless I buy the receiver !
Based on the speaker specs on the site, is it possible to say whether the Denon / Marantz / NAD models will gel with it.

The Denon 1604 literature says it has separate AMPs for each channel. If its so will u recommend it in that case ?
Also is there much diff between Marantz 4400 and 5400 ?
Looks wise, HK330 is superb !, but will it be as good as Marantz / NAD ?

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For detailed information check this out:


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The US spec sheets say that the 1604 has a "discrete amplifier" Now, I asked a local Denon rep about that wording as it was in the singular (amplifier), but it said discrete which means separate--that seemed to be a contradiciton to me. He told me that there was only one amplifier, but it was on its own circuit board--thus, it was discrete from the rest of the electronics within the receiver. So, that is the basis for my statement.

Of the receivers you have named, I think the H/K 330 and the Marantz 5400 have the best build quality--certainly the H/K has the best power supply, which is a real weakness of most low end receivers. Also, there is a big step up in terms of quality between the Marantz 4400 and the 5400. The 5400 has much lower distortion and a much better signal to noise ratio (something like 12 db, which is about 20 times quieter) than the 4400. I think either the 330 or the 5400 would be a great choice and a huge improvement over your original list.

Can't comment on the speakers as I have never heard Sonodyne speakers. Sorry.
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