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I'm finally upgrading to a new receiver. I've had a Technics since 1991 and am ready to get MORE from my system. I'm mostly into the audio side of things but will enjoy some surround on dvds, etc.

My question is between the Harmon Kardon AVR 230, Onkyo TXSR-601 or a Denon AVR series around the same power/price. I've also considered a Pioneer VSX-D912-K but have been steered away. I have the Polk RM6600 Series surround speaker package with a PSW350 subwoofer and would like a good match for those in a receiver.

Are the upper end models worth the extra $, or will the Pioneer be comprable and better for the price. I'd appreciate any and all advice. I don't want to spend a fortune, so I'm trying to keep it around $300 - $500.

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why have you been steered away from the Pioneer? The three units you've considered are equally good in their own right. For that price, my choice would go to the HK and the Onkyo. I am not too keen on the Denon.
How much is your budget on the speaker packages? Reason I'm asking is that you can probably do better than the Polks. Don't get me wrong, they are great speakers, but I've auditioned them and they just did not impress me, except for the sub.

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The Polks were a recent gift, so I'll be keeping them a while. I think the Pioneer was just considered, "A notch below" the others and therefore I was steered away. Do you disagree? I mostly interested in decent power and clear sound in a family room now and it will be moved to about an 850 sq. ft. basement shortly. Thanks!

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I used to have very similar Polk speakers (the RM5400 series I think) paired with an Onkyo receiver and the sound was very nice. The only reason I got rid of it was that the receiver was pretty old (didn't have DTS...only DD) and was kind of underpowered (the particular model I had was their lowest powered). I would recommend this combo to anyone.

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I do not think the Pioneer 912 is a notch below the Onkyo 601. I think both are a notch below the H/K 230 however, especially with your Polks. Just a small notch though so my recommendation is to buy whichever of these you like best and feel most comfortable with from a user friendly stand point. All 3 will sound ok IMO, the H/K just a bit better as it's warmer sound is a very good match with the Polks. Make sure whichever you choose has enough inputs for your system and any future components you might want. At this price point inputs can be a bit shy.

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If you don't mine used, this will be really nice - much better than the ones you are considering. Since we like to upgrade now and then, it makes sense to buy used - better resell value, and you get more quality.

This one will make the polks sing in ways others you are considering can't.

Check and for good deals on used stuff. Generally more reliable than Ebay.

Johnny K.
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Thanks for all of the advice. Here's where I stand as of today (In order).

Refurb. Marantz SR 6300 or 5300.
Onkyo TX-SR601
Pioneer VSX-D912-K

I'm getting there, but still value all of your opinions. The difference in price between the Marantz and Pioneer is fairly significant, is it worth it??? Thanks!
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