Replaced old Marantz with Denon AVR-3803--simply awesome! Get one while you still can!


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I finally replaced my Marantz SR8000 (circa 1999/2000) with the Denon AVR-3803 to bring me into the 24-bit/192kHz and DTS 96/24 era. I don't have room for the extra 7.1 speaker setup, so I'm running it through my old 5.1 Energy Take 5 setup. And all I can say is I am thouroughly impressed--I'm hearing stuff on my CDs and DVDs I've never heard before. Just a ton more detail, far more surround information and a really nice presentation. Perfect with both movies and music.

The Marantz served me well and I was looking at the SR7400 and the Integra DTR-7.4 as potential replacements. But none of the high end stores would budge on MSRP, let alone touch the deep discounts that you'll find on the 3803.

I was considering waiting for the upcoming AVR-3805, but my guess is comparable discounts won't come right away and there might be a bug or two to work out on the initial units. In addition, the 3803 is so beautifully built and sounds so good and is so easy to use and set up (and is one of the few high-end receivers under 17" deep!), that it's almost too good to be true at the currently available discounts.

I really don't understand the lack of 3803 fans on this board, but you should do yourself a favor and take a really good look at and listen to this high-end receiver bargain that won't be around much longer. At the current discounts, you'l find one for hundreds less than all of the comparable HKs, Maranntz's, NADs and Pioneers (anyone bother peeking inside the top of the 55Txi and notice the really cheap heat sinks on the $1700 MSRP receiver?).

Happy listening (and shopping)...
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