Denon AVR-3803!


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Looking for a new receiver? Look no further. This one has it all. Superb 7.1 sound (movies and music), superior build quality, and a feature set that'll keep it current for years. All at a street price that's hundreds less than comparable models from Pioneer Elite, NAD, Marantz and HK.

I replaced my older Marantz SR8000 with the 3803 and wonder more and more every day I listen to it why no one on this board ever recommends it. The only thing I can think of is that it's one of the most prevalent brands and not as exclusive and offers less snob appeal than some other models.

But I've owned all of these other brands and I'm over the exclusivity thing and I can tell you this is the real deal. And try getting 30 or 40% or more off from an authorized NAD or Marantz dealer!

I was considering the Pioneer Elite 55TXi because I have a 47Ai DVD player. But after peeking through the top and seeing the embarrassingly cheap, thin, stamped/bent heat sinks on this $1700 receiver, I wondered what other corners were cut and moved on.

All I can say is that it's your loss to those of you who are shopping for a new 7.1 receiver in the $1000 range and don't give the Denon AVR-3803 an honest audition. And imagine all of the nice a/v accessories you'll buy with all of the money you save...

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As many regular poster know I had the 3803 and found it to be the worst receiver I have ever owned. Incredibly bright and sibilant even with my old, very mellow DEF TECH DR-7's. Elite has cut no corners at all on their receivers as I can testify by my Elite45. It is in a cabinet with the doors shut and even after several hours of high volume operation is not even very warm at all, so the sinks more than do the job. If you like your 3803 that's fine and I hope you have very laid back speakers to tame it's brightness but there is a reason so few recommend it here and I have detailed some of those. Hawk has posted his disatisfaction with his also. I would urge those interested to read his experience with it.

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If anybody is considering the 3803 bear in mind Denon is coming out with the 3805 to be released in March. This should make the 3803 cheaper if budget is a concern though. If budget is not an issue, I agree w/ Elitefan & Hawk to keep your options open. I swapped my RX-V2400 for a NAD and am most pleased. Fortunately money was not an issue for me.

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My 3803 has also been forcibly retired--regardless of the deal I got (which was very good), it just was not very satisfying to listen to.

Currently awaiting the UPS man with my new NAD.
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