Marantz SR-4300 for Home Theater?


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Sorry for yet another thread...

Would you recommend the Marantz SR-4300 for Home Theater at CDN$499 ?

I was looking at Pioneer SVX-D812 and D-912 (because of pre-amp outputs on all channels), and
stumbled across the Marantz. I can't audition one in my city, so I'm looking for advice.


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So far I've listen to Yamaha 440 and marantz 4400, I like Marantz so much better.

In terms of vocals and details marantz has the edge.

Yamaha seem to be more sharp and hit's harder.

My 2 cents worth. I brought sr4400 eventually. The sound is good.

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A little bit more info on what I want to do and why I want pre-amp outputs...

I plan to drive the main front speakers with a 20-year old Nikko Alpha 220 power amplifier (120W per channel), driving Klipsck LaScala speakers.

I plan to initially use the center pre-out to drive the TV speakers (and eventually buy a center speaker).
The TV is a Samsung 52" with okay sound (much better than my 32" TV for example).

I have only 2 rear surrounds so far, fairly large Nuance speakers (Canadian brand from 10 years ago that are no longer made).

I'm considering the Marantz SR4300 (CDN$449), the NAD T742 (if I get get a good price on it of under CDN$625 or so) and Pioneer SVX-D912 or SVX-41. I'm tempted by the NAD if I can get a good price locally, else will likely get the Marantz since it seems to be a good deal (although made in China).


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i am using a Marantz receiver, if you want all around performance, getting Marantz is good, but of course the NAD is a better product but at a much higher price...if you want only home theatre, i think the yamaha or pioneer is a better choice, since both of them strike harder in home theatre..but lacking some warm in the music

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I'm having trouble finding a NAD at an accessible price Canada (but US$449 online from the US). What do you mean by "Pioneer strikes harder in HT"? I would think an amplifier that is good with music would be good with HT as well?

I am narrowing down my choice between the Marantz SR4300 (CDN$499) and the Pioneer VSX-D812 (US$245 or CDN$327). I'd save over CDN$150 with the Pioneer, so if it's a comparable choice I'd like to know. :-)

I'll use the system for mostly HT and will be driving the two main speakers with an external amplifier.

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if the Pioneer will save you another 150 bucks, then go for it...i heard it and it quite music very comparable to the marantz...but in home theatre i think the pioneer has the edge...

what i mean by strike harder.?.it means it pack more punch in home theatre...while marantz produce more civilize sound..but in home theatre we just aint need english aint good, hope you get what i am trying to say

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You have nice speakers - the LaScala. They will sound better with a pre amp like this one. You can add amps later to it for the backs and the center.

Pick them up cheap on
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