THX DVD on Non THX reciever


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I put in "Finding Nemo", which has a THX soundtrack. My Dennon 1604 Receiver defaults to pick up DTS through the Digital Optical cable. Needless to say, there was no sound until I switched the receiver to Dolby Surround (which I am assuming is played through the RCA cables).

Is Dolby Surround the proper setting for THX movies with a non THX Receiver, or is there a better setting that I can use?

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The reason there was no sound on DTS mode was probably because the DVD was sending out a Dolby Digital signal, not DTS. If you want to change to DTS (considering the DVD is even capable of DTS) go to the audio setup menu on the DVD and pick which format you want to use (Dolby Digital or DTS), and then change the setting on the receiver accordingly. THX is not a sound format, it is just a company that "digitally masters" DVD soundtracks. When a receiver says it is "THX Certified" it just means that the receiver has met certain performance standards set forth by the THX (owned by Lucasfilm) company. The fact that the DVD has "THX Mastered" on it does NOT mean that it won't work properly when played on a non THX receiver.

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You can also set-up the DVD player to put out both DTS and Dolby Signals, so when you encounter DVDs with both DTS and Digital soundtracks you can make the choice.
Johnny is right, a THX certification are parameters that George Lucas wanted so that the movies he envisioned would sound the same in any theater his movies are playing. He wanted to apply this principle to home theater as well.

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I have an older Sony STR DE-925 receiver which, for the second time in the past 6 months, started flashing "Protector". The first time it was caused, I believe, by possible bare speaker wire exposed while in use. The second time (yesterday), I was watching a dvd and started to turn up the volume--not too fast---and all of a sudden it started flashing again. I tried unplugging it, etc. to no avail. I spent $125 the first time to get this fixed and now I'm looking at the same thing. Wouldn't it be wiser to go out and get a new receiver at this point? If it goes out one more time, I'll have invested almost $400 and no guarantee it won't keep doing it. Are there receivers out there that are a little more stable and won't be so susceptible to this protector mode? If so, any recommendations? I would like to get a THX /DTS capable one without spending a whole lot of money.


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What is your budget for the receiver? Also, what speakers do you have and what is your room size?
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