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Best sounding sub for a regular cab truckScott Beckerle1
Question for mattJonathan2
Choices ChoicesJonathan21
I Just Bought 2 Pioneer TSW250R 10" 500 Watt Subs OnPoint10
Please help me pick the best sub !!!its_bacon126
2 channel to 1 subJonathan6
What box should i use for a h2 or rf t1Jonathan2
VERY DisappointedJonathan4
Better SQJonathan14
Hm...Jeff Loughrey4
Truck Setup ? And wtf dont you people ans me?disturb3d_pri3st10
Wich sub way to wire for most powerits_bacon122
2 channel to 1 subJohn1
Boss subsno clue3
A thousand to spend on my systemits_bacon124
DB gainGlassWolf2
Alphasonic subsAndrew Paul B11
juggernaut vs re x's which one would tear down the wallsAnonymous1
How do I go about wiring 2 amps to one sub?GlassWolf2
HOW TO WIRE 1 SHIVAS???????????HELP!!!5
Little change of plansGrmncrsnbr3
Subwoofer Questiondavids20044
Who takes the cake, Eclipse or RE?its_bacon124
Kicker L7 or Bazookas?its_bacon125
Porting my enclosureits_bacon123
Ported Box Questionsits_bacon122
JL Audio? Eclipse? 12? 10?its_bacon125
RE SE12 Xmaxits_bacon123
10 eclipse titanium sealed or ported??its_bacon126
JL Audio, Whats Better?Chris Klein5
What gauge wire?its_bacon127
A good sub???its_bacon124
Major newb need help fastAnonymous7
2 2 ohm svc sub wiringGrmncrsnbr2
Speaker locationGrmncrsnbr2
You guys are the pros on this stuffGlassWolf18
Ported of Sealed....whats your choiceJonathan4
Someone Reccomend Me A Place To Buy A Box PLEASE!davids200432
Box SizeJohn Smith3
I was recommended audiopipe BigChris5
Pillow filldavids20046
Weird Noise from subwooferGlassWolf5
Good subs with shallow mounting depth?Grantley7
Is There Any Way I Can Get 2 Good Subs For $150??GlassWolf6
Wierd sub installationMakaveli5
Is This A Good Deal On Dual 10" Audiobahns 600 watt rms??GlassWolf8
Diamond audio?disturb3d_pri3st1
All Alpine Setup, Please RespondJonathan9
What wrong with my wiring??JayJ2
Subwoofer wont work but amp has powerJayJ2
Chapter 3 of box questionsits_bacon123
Port sizeJohn8
Spl for 2 12" subsGlassWolf5
More box questionsGlassWolf2
Best subs i can get for about 500$$$zbruski8
Anyone buy on
Nub questionits_bacon128
10 or 12 Type R and AmpMatty62
HELP: Tinsel Lead repairGlassWolf6
Question for a pro!GlassWolf3
Major Newb, PLEASE HELPAnonymous10
Need help with amp and subsjason tower7
Wire Pat Lorenz6
2 ohm or 4 ohm ???!!!???its_bacon122
Can i use straight wire?Suicide-Shifter3
Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 3 P312D4(12") Vs. Kicker CompVR CVR15(...Pat Lorenz5
What the F@%$ happpenedDave Wardle8
What Sub would best suit my amp ?JayJ7
Subwoofer box problems need help from the pros!!JayJ6
I changed my mind, the SOLO X is awesome! first hand experience!GlassWolf3
Jl audio 13w7 or orion h2 15.4kennyman3
Heard of this subBigChris2
Kicker Solo XSuicide-Shifter18
98' Ford Single cab subsAnonymous4
Rate pleaseits_bacon124
How to physically wire up a subwoofer? Please helpJeff Loughrey9
Question for pry the smartest man on boardAnonymous8
A good alternator questionGlassWolf11
Glass, just wanted to show u how my Brahma box turned out!marshall white9
Wanting to put in a system in my 96 regular cab chevyScott Beckerle3
Custom enclosureits_bacon122
Is this safe? perfect sub qJayJ4
Best sub enclosure design for my VW golfGrmncrsnbr2
RE enclosureAnonymous6
I need help choosing a pair of subsMaster of None4
Everyone that sees this please vote! PLEASE ITS NOT HARD!DEMIGOD334
Jbl bp1200.1 ampits_bacon129
OHMS????Jeff Loughrey5
Subs Keep Cutting OutJeff Loughrey3
Please look, Is this a good site?Jeff Loughrey5
Whats Better?Makaveli2
Dual 6 Ohm subsdavids20042
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