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Clarion subs - vs- Kenwood subsWahl4
Svc vs dvcJonathan3
Is this a good deal? FOR THE EXPERTS.adam wright1
Help for Avg guy $1000 need head and allalejandro alvarez18
2004 Xterra Subkklagge1
Fiberglass box builds... I think, please helpPatrick Lorenz9
Anyone running Volfenhag subs or amp?ryan knoll3
Upgrade help pleaseGermanGuy5
Question about sealing a portBobby Flay3
2 12" solobaric L7 pricedavids20043
What is SPL?Bryan B9
I need a Box for 2 L7 12 !!davids20045
QuestionsMatthew Campbell4
Kove Armageddon SubMike George1
What are thiele-small parametersJonathan2
Good subs ?jim5
What ohms would this be or would it work at all. (john-glass or any...Jonathan2
Jonathan or Glasswolf Help Me PleaseJayJ4
HelpBryan B2
Shhhh, dont tell nobody...Anonymous3
Two 10" Orion H2 subs vs. Two JL 10W7's LLLets get ready to RUMB...Mikey M12
Need help in choosing the better of...98altima3
Why don't we all buy the 12W7 ???marshall white10
Another 12, or just a better one??Patrick Lorenz6
F150 Extended cab box Q... JayJ2
Type s's, wat kinda amp...?jeff thomas compton1
What's the odds?JayJ2
A pair of JL w6's or one JL w7droppeddime15
Alpine type s or R's? wat amp gona make em hit?jeff thomas compton1
(glasswolf) about some ohmsJonathan4
Warning to new people in car audio world:its_bacon1213
What'll run these Shivas the best?its_bacon1211
Ported box specs for a pair of JL 10W7's!Anonymous1
Enclosures PLEASE READmac4
Single sub for the trunk...Jonathan10
How many watts for my car, and what amp?hiphopanonymous2
Need Help On Which Subs to BuyAzmatt26
Suggestions on 12'sRob2
To sound smarter... ahh the glory!Jonathan3
Shivas in what kind of box?Jonathan3
Can I run different ohm subs on same amp?davids20045
Can I wire a alpine mmd-m1000 amp to 2 dvc 4ohm 12's and get 2ohm p...davids20043
Ohm questiondavids20042
Jl audio 13.5its_bacon123
One or Two? 10 or 12?jim7
TYPE R's ??????Patrick Lorenz6
Polyfill in Ported Enclosure?Wahl2
Doooor rattle! daah...KJ3
Alternators...and batteriesSuicide-Shifter7
Adire BrahmaJonathan6
RE X.X.XAZmatt1
1.5 cu enclosureSuicide-Shifter3
Jl W7'sdavy rides the short2
Dynamat or Tsunami? David Meyer6
Subzero box?salvatore borgogna1
Best SQ sub available??Umair Ronn29
Jon, about the Shivas...Jonathan7
Sub enclosure questionAnonymous2
Shivas in what kind of box?Jonathan2
Sub box?Jonathan3
10W7's in a truck...PLEASE READJonathan3
Adire brahma MKII system, please readits_bacon123
RE triple axe Series or Elcipse Titanium or Adire Audio Shivas????...xavier3
AmpPatrick Lorenz2
ADIRE KODA 10"anxioustogetnewsyste1
Extra Power Needed????Suicide-Shifter4
4 kicker comp vr 10's ???davids20048
Is this a good dealPatrick Lorenz3
Kicker subsWahl6
What Is the best bang for buckREDSKIN9
First System, Under $600, Could Use Some HelpSuicide-Shifter7
Guage on speaker wireREDSKIN8
Inexpensive good system for a small carCorey Kelly10
Beginer questionJonathan12
Screw Holes on a 12W7Wahl3
IDQ 12's or Adire DPL12'sSuicide-Shifter9
Help with subwoofer choice...Robert J12
Infinity kappa perfect 10.1 or Adire Shivas for MTX THUNDER 801D. I...Jonathan12
PPI 10" flat piston subsRob3
IS it worth spending $5000?its_bacon124
US Amps Bass MEKANIK Subs??its_bacon122
Good subs for a hatchbackGlassWolf6
What subs are good for SOUND QUALITY and BASSGlassWolf7
Opinions on the JBL 600.2Suicide-Shifter1
Sub questionJarrod1
What is the best way to face my subsAnonymous1
Box size?xBrettx5
Shiva's vs. CompVR'scd52011
Power ?james0113
Question on Wiring 4 SubsJmmcool7
Wat amp?? 4 speakers n 2 10inch alpine type s's - 600 watsjared shenise3
Infinity subsfurious11
Everyone Please ReadLaker Hater11
Subs performanceswan1
8 ohm subs vs 4 ohm subs. Someone please answer!!!!Wahl6
JL 10W6 or 8W7 matched with a JL 250/1 Amp?Dave Scott7
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