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Can someone help?Patrick Lorenz3
15s for 900w RMS?its_bacon129
Speaker bigger than the boxits_bacon1213
Alpine Subsits_bacon125
SPL help anyone?swan3
Help With sub choiceWahl2
Glass... Help WIth Wiring?Stick6
Help on wiring subs,which is better??? Jonathan7
Help with wiring one DVC to a 2 channel amp.Troy Center1
Too Much RMS???Jonathan2
Not sure about subs, amp, and box....little help here?Jonathan2
What subs do i need?Jason Mays7
Kicker Comp Subs. Any good?!kickercomp6
Seperate boxes???kickercomp3
15in Brahmaloud and low1
Subwoofer placementcainer2
New hu for infinity I30anon3
Best pair of 12'snotor1ous r19
Vibe subs in enclosed boxvibe_subs2
3 Xtant SUBS HEX shape for SALE really cheap.Tiggy14
Anyone with experience with JL's W7 seriesGlassWolf17
Good alternator?GlassWolf2
Enclosure for 2 L7'sWahl6
Which box for my subs?Wahl3
Brahma 15Robert J2
Which 15 would be bestMatt Haug8
Sub and amp setup in a 65 mustang.GlassWolf4
Another newbeGlassWolf2
I could use a second opinion on thisits_bacon127
Question for glasswolf or bacon or anyone who knows what they r tal...its_bacon124
AMP for Shivaits_bacon122
Question for glasswolfswan3
Honest opinion!!! Kole MFW series 10" sub...good or bad?swan10
Sub enclosure helpTony Yu3
What's wrong with my shivas?Jonathan2
Rattling?Jason Mays4
Affects of inverting subs.Jonathan5
Does anyone know Honda?Jonathan3
4subs, 2 sealed +2 ported?cainer8
My enclosure help???Anonymous7
!!!Diamond Subs!!!Anonymous1
13w7 and jl 500/1 ampGlassWolf2
Orion h2 subs.... and encloseure...Jeffrey3
Jeep Box Sealed and Ported w/kicker and mmatts!?!?Anonymous10
Oz Audio Me10.2Anonymous1
What amp 2 use?Anonymous4
New truck, new systemscott4
A few questions on making enclosuresjedwards4
Brahma questionJonathan3
Ports in generalJonathan2
Can these subs be bridged?Anonymous2
Should i sgn up?cainer5
Jl subs?Dread07,5
Glasswolf help pleaseGlassWolf3
BeSt SuBwOoFeRmark b3
What subs should I buy?Anonymous1
Can I put my Brahma 10 in a box larger that 1.5 cu ft???Anonymous1
(Brahma 12"and Jl 500/1) or (Koda 10" and Jl 500/1)...marshall white2
Single brahma 10 in sealed box......amazed me!!!!Anonymous1
Amp to pair with polk momo MM124its_bacon126
Building a boxsomeone5
I Got A Story For Ya'llrobert j2
Which Subs to get for my A4Robert J3
Subs firing upJonathan4
95' Lexus GS 300???Freddy Jones1
I need some help wiring my neon's to my subsPatrick Lorenz2
Eclipse SW9152 Titanium Glasswolf?JMP8
Best 12" Sub $300 or Under...SPL352
? for glasswolfGlassWolf3
Shortening PORT?GlassWolf2
Very low budget..GlassWolf17
Another Newbie QuestionAnonymous2
Hey would anybody be interested in 2 eclipse 12s 500rms eachscott1
10 solols ray brewer1
12'' Infinity 1230w Box?Jonathan2
WHO WANTS 2 JL AUDIO 10W3V2??Ricardo1
Fatmat questionBilly Bob1
JL 10W1-? How do I test for 4 ohm or 8 ohm?pbunko1
How would you have them?????Anonymous5
JBL subscainer4
Adding a third kicker??kickercomp3
Solo Baric L5s or a JL w7?swan13
Eclipse rattlingGlassWolf4
Infinity Basslink or sealed Shiva sub for SQ?Jonathan7
Help With sub choicepradeep8
Alpine r's rockRicardo5
Help with wiringRickey Rodriguez9
Jl w3 vs w3v2rob cabral7
Almost Done...Robert J2
My system, tell me what u thinkDavid Maple8
Dual 2-Ohm independent wiring will it run at a 2ohm loadJonathan2
Terminal cupJonathan4
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