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FS: New CDT HD-62 with free sub or rear fillalteraudiousa2
Big diference between 5.25" and 6.5"?Matthew Lee3
System vs. systemwhats the best system money can buymike5
Does anyone know if these are goodmike4
There are here!!! Legatia L3 with pics!!!Jake Davis9
Isuzu TrooperDarek Fanton7
Are phoenix gold components good?Jexx5
Wiring helpJexx2
Alpine type X or Jl zr650Qcsfinest1
JL XR vs Infinity PerfectPelon5
Looking for decent 6x9's componentsmarc3
What are some good tweeters for a good pricerick ross6
My CDT's do not sound right?alteraudiousa3
Need some speakersKyle6
Kicker s8L7 (8'')SubwooferGunaa1
Group Buy on Hybrid Audio Productsalteraudiousa1
Legatia L3 final reviewalteraudiousa1
4 channel head unit driving 2 speakers?ty mutlow2
Some quick help?Nick Friedli1
Get This Door Covering Off a 2000 Mitubishi Eclipse GTDarek Fanton2
Box helpdan rollins1
Wat about youMark D2
Where can I buy...Mark D2
Poor sound/connectionJohn Fiacchino3
Focal Access and Infinity Reference QuestionNick Friedli1
200RMS? is it truety mutlow7
I need some suggestionsWrEaK HaVoC8
Phoenix gold componentsChauncey Brown4
Newbie ?'sDarek Fanton3
CDT's or Iridiums?Brandon16
Set up advice for older carrick ross3
Mixing ohms?Brandon2
Would a 6.5 jl w0 work for midbass rearfill?Fishy4
HelpDarek Fanton2
Inifity speakersDarek Fanton12
4x6Darek Fanton4
Car PA System (megaphone?)mixneffect13
6 1/2" COMPONENT SETSGraig Lecher4
MB Quart DKE Discus series?Brandon2
CDT's do not sound like they should?alteraudiousa9
Running 2 ohm and 4 ohm from the same amp.John Fiacchino4
JL XR 6.5 COAX FOR SALE(2 PAIRS)ty mutlow10
How much do good tweeters cost?mrsq4
Alteraudio - thanks for your advice - got my CDT's yesterday.MO11
Heeeelllllllllllllllppppppppp Eric5
I need some advicetj fortenberry6
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Infinity Gold OHMS Questionalteraudiousa4
2 way or 3 ways?Seth Lowe13
System Clipping/Cuts Off?Marty-Mar6
Vifa driversalteraudiousa3
DLS UR's....or DLS Iridium?Brandon8
Single 12" sub and amp questionsty mutlow4
$850 Budget SystemMaris3
Wiring problemty mutlow2
What components to get?tj fortenberry4
Hey alteralteraudiousa4
W as muchnew speaksATF2
Pick which speaker is best for my 55 RMS ampMike Jones9
Whats the difference between Coaxial or Component speakers?jordan12
A few questions about nice componets.Seth Lowe16
Questions for SethPike1103
DLS UR....or DLS Iridium??Muddy Waters2
Rear Fill Questionkillerzracing7113
Will my speakers fitDarek Fanton3
I know about nothingDarek Fanton4
Speaker options?darkwaters4
Front door speakers, RecmendationDarek Fanton7
Speaker making werid loud soundty mutlow5
Rainbow Profi Vanadium Speakers.:-O...Muddy Waters13
Its making a thumping noiseRyan Miller1
Weird ProblemBrandon3
Where to mount tweeter?Brandon2
I don't know whats happeningmixneffect4
Alpine Type S vs. Type R ComponentsMike Jones5
Best speakers money can buy?Eric Hirsch15
What speakers should I replace and put an amp on????Pike1104
Alpine type-xmat dope4
Is my amp enoughalteraudiousa3
6x9 or componentalteraudiousa3
Speakers won't workPaul Brown4
3-way components?alteraudiousa9
JVC HX seriesBrandon2
New speaker wiringty mutlow5
Everything ok, then suddenly no highs!!!!mixneffect4
Any Goodmarc6
Spl contest in nj comin upTim McGlynn1
Going active? Jonathan or alteraudio?Ruthless4
Alpine sps-571A with a Clarion apx4240Brandon W3
Should i get the speakers???Joe8
Cdt cl-61 comp.alteraudiousa9
Boston z6Trevor Eaton8
Good set of speakers for around $150bob impact4
Kickermat dope4
Polk audio and elemental designsalteraudiousa2
Installing speaker help in 2003 nissan sentra spec v??mat dope3
Bulid a boxlogan13
Jl w4-8Wesley B1
Focal 6.5's in a 6x9 holebob impact4
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