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Need Car Frequency On A 1994 Gran Am An 1993 FireBirdREDSKIN7
One 12" W6 or 2 12"w3Brian Tucker9
Check It OutAnonymous2
Adding a second sub and ampRovin7
Can you say holy SH!!!tttttJoe Smoe24
Type-R vs. EclipseJake Hill5
Biggest Bang For The Buckmikechec93
3 Eclipse 15"s, 1 re sx 18" hippopanonymous9
Bad Experiences Wit Low Wattage House Amps And High Wattage SubsBucky3
Speaker Sound problemBucky5
Type R Mounting depth???SiX5
Orion P12D2, Polk Audio MM104, or Audiobahn Flame QRovin5
Upgrading to Better SystemBrian Tucker6
Jl subs n amp???Brian Tucker6
Which would be louder?Brian Tucker5
TrebleBrian Tucker2
Wire GaugeBrian Tucker10
"Big 3" upgradeMO7
Car trunks vs trucks ,suvs ,hatchbacks ,vansucfsaxman10
Car Rims...*off topic a bit*Chad Lee4
JL vs. REMO3
Mounting DepthBrady Fedro9
Kappa Perfect vs. SL-i vs. Kicker CVR 10'sChauncey Brown2
Soundsplinter SL-i10 vs. CVR10"mikechec94
Ebay Alpine????? antney152005@yahoo.c3
Two 18" MA Audio subshondarider13
Sub Moves All Over the trunkJake Hill16
NEED LOTS OF HELP!!! Want the best subs and amp!!!Eddy G9
Sub help for a truck_TRICKY_6
Would ID chameleons fit in a stock 6.5" driver?matt thigpen1
Help With Crossover FrequencyJoe Smoe2
I did a 160 at World Finals in 0-1000 pro stockJoe Smoe14
Is this a good deal on a RE sx????Comp984
How to hook this amp/sub up?rob preg7
Amp for 1 Solo-Baric S12L7 dual 4 ohmSean Duffy1
SX boxrob preg5
Vented Box 2 10" Xplodsrob preg2
Kicker CVR Vs. type-rscott6
Speakers in stock locationsmatt thigpen13
Alphasonic Subs (PSW8124J) ???Rovin4
Wiring Help, 1 DVC and 2 SVC subsRovin4
Need to cover port whole or get a pipe thing. Plz helpNeed4Bass3
KICKER COMPVR 10'SHarryc878612
Entire system settingsChris Person7
Just got AIM.scuba steve50
Question about 4 12's set upDave Richer8
Need to cover port whole or get a pipe thing. Plz helpSiX3
Box dimensions 2 10"2005 colorado1
Subwoofer recommendationsSragan4
Phase shift, crossoversBryan B2
2 subs or 1 sub setup?matt thigpen13
What do you guys thinkRovin4
Glass/jon, others STEREO INTEGRITY? good? bad? great?James Longo5
MO's Car Audio SALE / RE,JL,AA,TCAB Enclosure,WoodlawnMO34
Help Installing the systemRovin2
Ok My system I am planning on buying...HELPHalter25
Diesel Audio 2000W x 1 ?????Rovin4
I really need some help w/ my subs and amp--Anonymous2
Pioneer spl 3000 series vs kicker L5/L7bassetc3
How about this subwoofer?Anonymous17
Next project!Eddie Arambula17
QTS specsmatt thigpen1
I could use some advicerob preg14
Kappa perfect VQ vs. pioneer spl 3004lookin for more bass5
Selling SX15's and Hifonics TX1005D amp'sSiX6
Anyone interested???SiX13
I need bassEddie Arambula2
Ok i need helpEddie Arambula2
New System Anonymous5
How do you measure the length of a slot portSiX8
Anyone up for sellingEddie Arambula1
Kicker car audiomarshall white2
Muddy, how are the DD subs?/\/\ike9
One or anotherjoe4
Help with box for TYPE-R AlpinesMike Lozano1
Can My Sub Get Damaged By Doing ThisNE$TER6
New systemjake papa6
Trying to find the right sound.ucfsaxman4
What should i tune the port todustin pettit6
What should i get for this amp?Rovin2
Glass/jon, others STEREO INTEGRITY? good? bad? great?dustin pettit9
Rainbow subshondarider1
Something i foundout todayjoe1
Alpine type r's help!!!Chris8
One or anotherjoe1
RE SX 15 w/custom ported box on ebay now - Item number: 5821539527MO28
5/8" MDF & 3/4" MDFscuba steve19
What ever happened to the re group buy?Rovin2
Sub SetupRovin6
Double CheckJoe Smoe2
Sealed Box: Big vs. SmallChris Person3
Sub repairjayvin tonn1
Diamond D612 vs JL 12w6MO4
Dyno matingIce2
CapacitatorsJustin Baker8
Price on Treo subs?MuddyWaters3
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