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What gauge of wire should I use with a Kicker S10L7? I have 16 gauge wire right now but I think that a 12 gauge would be better. My only problem is that something smells like if it's burning. The smell is coming out of the port. If I put a thicker wire won't that make it worse?

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here's a guide


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If you smell somethinb burning on your subs, Id really check the subs before playing them :-)

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yeah, if you smell something burning, and your wire isn't melted, then the wire isn't the problem.
check thoes subs out before doing anything else

also, if your walking about the speaker wire, theres not that big a difference between 12 and 16, but most people use a 12 or 14 gauge.

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I've already taken the sub out of the box and compared it to another one I have brand new and everything looks good. What should I look for in the sub.

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damn, i used 8 gauge on my onxy monster

same concept as amp wire.. nothing is an overkill :-)

less resistance and more space for the current to flow ;)

go with 12g and u will be fine,

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everyone forgot to ask one very important question What amp are you using for the woofer. Maybe you are over powering the woofer or sending one hell of a cipped signal to the woofer. Oh yeah I use 8 gauge power wire for my subs but thats because im sending the a lot of power and its the most efficient way to do it.

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I'm using a db drive pd 1200.1 it's 1200 watts in 1 ohm and 600 in 2 ohms. My sub is dual 4 ohms and I have it wired in parallel so that gives it 600 watts and thats the wrms of the sub.

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A friend of mine was running a 12in L7 in the mid sized ported box built for it, the sub was a D4 model and he had a Punch 800 bridged to it. This load was to low for the amp and he said he kept smelling something burning so I took the sub out and wired it 4 ohm stereo (one channel of the amp to each terminal). This should've put the sub at 400rms watts WELL within it's power handling and nothing was clipping or being overdriven. The sub burnt itself alive about 10 days later! Funny thing is it kept on playing like everything was ok right until the bitter end. Hopefully it's not your sub but this story sounds eerily familiar!!!
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