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Now for the inside speakers, 8 ohm or 4 ohm?Shawn Dooley6
I would like a Perfect boxEric G10
Couple boxes from this week.sean8
New year and new goalzack w11
2 8w7s, they are not yet impressive cbucks64
Need 2 find a box or get dimensions forBassman32
Rockford subwoofersShawn Dooley4
Alternator rewindingM.S.4
Idk what to get for SQdBlk29
2 12in DC lvl 3's or 1 12/15in DC lvl 4Matt46
TC/AP LMS Ultra 18Phillip David Reedy7
Battery replacementsean15
A trade i need help on respond as soon as u can plzEric G28
Hey every oneMark Brockman19
2 12 american bass XFLs? or keep 2 15 XOs?Carl Malone8
Quick responsea.k.a. "J"5
Omg RD omgMr. Jewburg11
Anyone interested in buying 2 12" ID max's?Daniel Bonham55
OT- HID's with power fluctuation of sourcedBlk9
Rd audio forumKenny Coleman4
Have a few subs in minde let me know what you thinkjake papa13
RD BEEN DONE.!Josh Tucker9
Don't Look In The Box!!Motha Ducka4
15" Audiopulse Revo for sale or trade for another 15"Chris Engarde4
Websites that have frequencies being playing in songs?Mark Brockman2
Please Help!!!!! Kicker Vs. JL Audio Vs. AlpinelOwLiFe4
2 12" alpine type Xs for a 12" Mtx 9500, mtx door speakers, and mtx...cwruck5
Subwoofer Audio Taper Helpblee5
A little voice coil fireOdd Dio11
Car Audio Show, Roanokescott s3
2 12" spl subs or 1 15" spl subDaniel Stocker14
New 10 inch subwooferSmith27
Where to find 15" nightshade or death penaltyjake papa3
Head Unit w/ JL 750 hd amp: Will LOC work well?M.S.7
Any here talk to Steve - RD - Not GoodSmith40
New subs, can't decide on one so need suggestionsDaniel Stocker13
Replacement Sub Ideas & Help For 15" Audiopulse Revo Chris Engarde9
Build log -- mauricio & charles pg. 2 **PICS**Bassman348
Subwoofer/head unit issueM.S.6
W7 vs.....JasonP38
Stuff for salesean22
Sub Comparison, Same Powersean7
GMC sierra boxkiller9
2 8w7sJasonP15
ReJL w3 or RE se?813thumper5
Town carMark Scafetta6
FS: 2- 15" Sonance v.2 D2Mark Brockman1
Sq porting helpdBlk11
RE or JL or...?Mark Brockman8
RD drama...Clue me in?Josh23
Quick alt question? need replacing?Thomas42
New sub & ampYanks Fan7
Best 12'' or 15'' subwoofer for under $400daenzer19
Sound about rightsean6
Box Builders Quote Me PleaseOdd Dio9
Tinsel lead problemP.rick12
Ecoustics facebook pageOdd Dio44
Sundown sa 12s or incriminator audio lethal injections?zack w7
WTF is this?sean25
Sundown sa 12s or incriminator audio lethal injections?zack w1
False FloorSnow5
Knukonceptz 0awg SalePaul Larrea20
AP going back to TCsean32
RD 1750 s for saledBlk13
Dash kit an wire harness help!!!!!!Sean P14
Best car to avoid rattle?Snow12
?anyone have blueprints for 1994-2004 mustang 2 12" sub box?sean6
(Best Amp) For Twin 12'' 4 ohm Type r'szack w24
Box for 15" Audiopulse Revo helpBassman314
Buying battery this weekend....Am I making a good choice?Trevor23
Eclipse Reputationbruce moore9
1990 Lincoln Town Car(Huge Trunk)15's Fit?Canaan5
Subwoofer box for camaroShawn Dooley4
What to do???Carl Malone3
Three subs??SomeDonnieDude9
New system for the springRobert6
What would you pair with a JL Audio 500/1??Shawn Dooley9
Got a offer on my subs, wat would y'all do?zack w5
RD Alpha vs. Fi btlJoshua M. Jones20
Got some new POWA for the DD3515's!!!Canaan23
F/S: RD Audio 1750.1 V.1zack w42
Is this a good buy for a second battery?Basebalz137
UPS delivered neo goodnessVertexAudio32
Finally got around to it.Josh Tucker8
How hard is it to hold a 14 volts Sean P43
Sound deadening?State_Property15
Are me and Troy Jones teammates? Pics...SomeDonnieDude13
Got my hoody from FIBasebalz1315
How do you figure out the best box tuning for your subwoofer?cwruck9
Suggestions on new subs?Daniel Stocker9
FS: RD D9 750 shippedStavenmist3166
Box Build Log -- Mauricio & CharlesBassman377
Im a noobie helpShawn Dooley7
Kicker comp c5Brad Warren2
Re audio mt 15 or re audio xxx 15roosevelt hendricks6
Dd9515 recone to 18trevor8
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