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Atlas needing new amp(s)Nick T33
I need some help with this cut through plz.disturb3d_pri3st1
Rockford vs KickerShawn P7
Wiring Quad voice coilsmikechec95
Kicker vs Audiobahndustin pettit15
The SX is new, what what to use?ron10
Specific Hz boosting/changingsean8
Enclosure For Diamond Audio D612D4 Subs - Need AdviceJames Goodman2
SPL Sub and Amp for $500?Shane S1
Brahma 10 vs JL 10w6v2 vs XXX vs othersRyan3
What may sound louder (from farer distance)? watts or inches?ron53
Whats better?Shawn P3
Help NeededJustin2
OhmsBryn Mountford3
What Causes a Subwoofer to pop?Doug Zator9
How do I tell if my sub's are clipping.Sean Gibson6
Is there anything really wrong with buying a Refurbished Sub?Andy Summers4
I need a list of good sound quality subwoofersAnonymous1
SQ sub: Defeating the purpose by using a class D amp? Sean Gibson1
Pioneer Premier TS-W3002SPL better than Alpine type R's?Sean Gibson7
142.2 :-)...MO27
10w3v2 bassing outAdam3
RE SE boxAnonymous1
Is a second sub necessary?Mike Jones14
Desperate for help????Nick Price7
Difference in more try12
Theater Researchdjpoodlez_69@yahoo.c21
Can someone explain to me about sensitivity db?GlassWolf3
SubfanaticTrevor Eaton15
Whos going to summit on sunday?Oso4
Eclipse TIjust wondering..3
Sean!! i got a question for ya buddyTrevor Eaton6
MB Quart vs. Diamond vs. Orion, and a TypeR too....Mike Murphy7
Alternatives to JL W(zero)andy from sioux fall6
Sealed of ported?yessum2
Longo? wolfie? crack head????Letto14
SQ /SQL woofers?Letto5
Idmax subs, please help Letto4
JL 12WOLetto4
EcLiPsE 8 or 9?Subfanatic5
This set up worth it?Quick Shot 4ever2
Eclipse, Alpine, MTX.....Subfanatic3
Sealed vs portedscuba steve13
Any difference?Oso2
Sub RecommendationAnonymous34
Best 15" SQLron3
Does anyone drive a Monte Carlo with more than 2 subs in the trunk?J. Speight10
Which would you choose?Kahren Aydinyan5
Another W7 questionjhon3
For mikechec9come on..11
JL W6v2 seeking advicechris4
Box program-firebirdAccent1
RE Audio Price listMatt f12
Mazda 929 trunkI.C.E.manV22
Capacitor helpI.C.E.manV28
Optimal Settings for SystemI.C.E.manV25
Can dual and single VC subs be wired to the same amp?Quick Shot 4ever4
Need These Fitted Right...Compluva4
RE vs. SoloX vs. W7 - which is the best bar none?ron34
Experienced InstallersIsaac4
For under a $1000...Jon Brink9
Got the LowPro Pie in !!Quick Shot 4ever7
Competition SubsApocalypse2
Experienced InstallersLEgacyAUDio1
Good or not?Jexx13
05 Mustang sub upgrade helpSean Gibson10
How do i noe a good sub wen i see wunSean Gibson12
NOS Injected Onto the Voice Coils..Infinity Addict69
First competition is tommorowJohn Bennett25
Hey guysNick Price1
Need some adviceJosh Galli15
2 12" infinity kappa perfects...what ohm?ICE12
Jon, u still around ?JC3
Stupid questionJonathan4
Optimal Settings for SystemJonathan2
Is it REALLY worth it? Quick Shot 4ever4
HelloAndy Summers3
What is splmikechec914
Which System will be louder???Shawn Bowen17
Help pleaseOso16
Competition This Weekend :-)...Oso43
I need something nicetaylor172
Hurry check this out!!!!Infinity Addict4
Look any good?!!!!!!!Chris Klein2
They sure have been busy lately.Chris Klein70
THE AL MUST GO.. needing money for an SX soon.Chris Klein35
"That's no moon it's, a subwoofer" Andy Summers23
ED Eu-700 or CDT EF8ron36
Need help choosing some 12sChris Klein14
Question(s) about upgrading my systemron45
Wiring Subs and AmpsJack2
What happened?GLASSW0IF11
Need an amp for two 10W2v2Quick Shot 4ever5
Mtx vs. jlrunit45
Anyone wanna trade a re xxx12 for a re sx ?? lolQuick Shot 4ever23
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