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Comp set for around 100Oso3
JVC CS-VX620 6 1/2" Car Speakers good or notBryn Mountford1
Infinity ref components blown?tips15
2000 Civic LX Sedantim4
Wire front speakers off rear channel vs. signal convertorBryn Mountford1
Need help w/ HU and 4x6David Brunner2
Quality speakers amps and subs???mikechec97
Pioneer 4x6 speakers intermediate sound distortionRyan3
Need 6.5 component speakersgpz11006
Bose or InfinityJexx6
2 ohm 6.5's off HU?Fishy2
Hey Mo my ID's came in today woot!Isaac17
Alpine Type X or JL W7's for my system and pricemr alpine7
RE-XXX 6.5" Midbass Resistance . . . hooking up to an Orion HCCA225...Aaron Hobbs7
Do you need an amp for new frotn and back Speakers???scuba steve2
Have some questions before i buy my speakersderrick mcdaniel1
AdviceMichael Pawlak8
Component speakersGlassWolf16
4 Speakers NeddedShane S1
Buying some 6-1/2's and 6x9's have some questions.fatpinfield4
5.25 mid bass driverscuba steve1
Total newbie with 98 VW GolfJace Edlund7
Best speaker .... Kicker compvr 15 subsAnonymous1
Component crossoverGlassWolf7
Need CDT component adviceHeavysky3
What is the difference b/w component and 3/2-way speakers??GlassWolf3
6.5 vs 6x9 -- WHICH IS BEST???Quick Shot2
5x7's vs 6x9'sRyan18
Measuring ohms...ATTN: Jonathan,Issac,Glasswolf etc.Aaron Hobbs11
Quiet SQ - The Impossible Dream?GlassWolf40
Trailblazer rear speaker replacement 8 ohms or 4Philip Rosenstern1
RE audio component speakersAdam1
Tweeter locationmikechec93
New speakers for my Yota =)David Brunner7
Boat speakersJace Edlund1
Alpine 6x9 type rAnonymous10
Getting ID Comps , a quick question.MO10
What to do??????DareDevil3
Speakers for 03 AccordCarlos Amaker1
Image Dynamics CTX5Anonymous2
Opinion on 6.5sP.J.31
Hey Jonothan, need recommendation for components!!Justin Bailey11
What speakers with Pioneer DEH- P7700MP deck?kevin dwyer1
Need help before buying speakers.GlassWolf11
Help a noob out!GlassWolf8
Infinity Kappanewstereoguy13
What are the best sounding speakers?GlassWolf5
PVC pipe for Infinity Kappa Door Enclosures? HELPdummy43
Kappa speakersRyan2
Speaker "popping"Jason Crants5
Speaker issuesGlassWolf2
Glasswolf -Type X speakersGlassWolf7
Back Right Speaker Popping, Please HelpAndrew Stroman1
Back Right Speaker Popping, Please HelpAndrew Stroman1
Need high powered Coaxials..coax or comp10
Wiring 1 dual 4 ohm VC sub to 2 channel amp.Jexxen Trivic14
Wiring new door speakersJuelz2
A Newbie : Did i choose good components ?Rovin11
Need a pair of 6x9'sJexxen Trivic6
Right Rear speaker not workingJexxen Trivic8
Sound improvement :DRyan11
Sony 6x9 or Pioneer 6x9???Jexxen Trivic2
HELP Krackling speakersIsaac3
Amp-speaker/sub together??scuba steve4
Suburban speaker wiringscuba steve5
Rear speaker enclosure colorationshuns wood1
2-way or 3-way Infinity'sRyan28
Eclipse SubwoofersAnonymous1
Pioneer speakersBenny Boy3
Rms and powerGlassWolf5
4 ohm vs 8 ohm 6x9 speakersanonymous893
PC Speakers in my Car - How can I Do it??Juelz6
Proper wiring of speakers in seriesdude5
Brand new to speakers with a 02 Civic EX coupe (needs help)05Civic aux mp3 jack2
8 speakers 4 channelsJexxen Trivic2
Coaxial or componentJonathan15
Components...focal, mb quart, morelscab128869
6.5 speakersInvictuz16
JL Audio or Kicker??????Ryan McCook14
Some installation troubleWinn4
4 channels, 2 speakers How To Wire?Jexxen Trivic2
SPEAKER WIRING HELP 2 ohm and 4 ohm Same amp????Kyle Allen1
Car Audio Newbie Seeks Speaker/Amp AdviceJexxen Trivic7
Polk speakers?kklagge5
HaHa These Are Not 6x9's LoL(link)mixneffect4
Buying subs, need advicePaul Stein7
Cross over Questiondude4
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!Yukon 7771
MK1 MR2, sound problems, sub or boxed 6x9 opinionsKMARTXR2
What wires powers all the speakers?josh miller10
Equipment for Sale...Ryan1
Rear speakers not workingKMARTXR2
BEST Speakers!!??scuba steve6
Help deciding which 6 1/2 speakers to getscuba steve8
Hit me with your best opinionIsaac W.3
Rockford Fosgate SpeakersJC1
What were these vintage jensen 1010's used for????????chris barbee1
Manual Switchboard for speakersdude4
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