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ok i have been reading posts for a few hours now..... and from what i can tell sony pyle pyramid legacy and a few other (small time) with excpetion to sony companys are bad junk ect.... what makes them so bad??? there range and rms power all seem to be comparable to "higher quality" speakers like JVC Alpine.... so whats wrong with these speakers amps subs ect...??? i am pretty new to this i have done a few instals just basic like head unit Aiwa and speakers... but i wanna do all new stuff on a really tight buget... i already have a head unit i got the JVC G700... but i am unsure on speakers subs and amp... i heard the Sony 6" x 9" Speakers (XSV6930A) http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Sony-6-x-9-Speakers-XSV6930A-/sem/rpsm/oid/86768/ rpem/ccd/productDetail.do
they seemed pretty good to me... better then just about everything they had at circuit city.... i don't know looking for some help here thanks in advance....been looking at some pyle stuff but 2nd guessing after all the bad reviews....???

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Well the main thing w/ those companies you listed that makes them worse than other brands is that they are made w/ cheap parts they are not very reliable and the sound qaulity on them is not as good as the other higher brands(Pionner Alpine JL Audio etc). They also do not get as loud and they usually cannot handle the high power that they claim they can. If you personally like the sound of the sony explods compared to some other brands and if they are in your price range i would say go for it. It is all a matter of personal opinion. It's just that usualy you can't go wrong w/ the more reputable and higher quality brands.

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The fact is that Circuit City and Best Buy don't have the greatest selection. Try to find an audio store in your area where you can listen to more brands of speakers. Bottom line is: buy what speakers sound nice to you. If you just buy what other people recommend, you'll be unhappy. Either you'll feel that you could have gotten better speakers for the money or you'll feel that you wasted money buying what someone said was high-end. There is no substitute for trying out as many speakers as you can. As for amps, Its a little harder to tell in the store if its going to be a good amp or not. To pick out an amp, read some professional reviews of amps in your price range and then go and audition the amps if possible. Best of luck in picking out your system.

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IF your on a tight budget then some Type S speakers arent bad. good SQ and u can buy a pair on ebay for like 70$ shipped. You will need a sub though if you get them.

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several things can make a product or company disreputible.
poor quality construction
poor reliability
cheap materials
poor design/performance
poor customer support/product support
mislading product specs (using peak/max wattage on amplifiers for example)
shady business practices (see audiobahn for that one)

these reasons and others can make a product undesireable. Some products, like certain subwoofers may be cheap, and may even get very loud, but they also may be very inefficient, and may sound like crap when they get to high output levels (see kicker solobarics and audiobahn anything)
some amplifiers may not handle a low impedance well, or may have an abnormally high failure rate (see sony and kenwood)


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Very well put I like the subtle references about Audiobahn, Kicker and Sony.

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in my experience, it is also decent practice to judge the product on their support and owner's manuals. case in point: audiobahn and new sound stream. may as well be blank sheets of high quality paper.
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