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I recently moved my system from my 1995 Ford Explorer into the 02 Ranger I just purchased. The door speakers that were in my Explorer were Pioneer TR-A8870 3-Way speakers. Well, the transition went well except for a small problem. Whenever I turn the volume to zero on the head unit, my left rear door speaker "pops". If I don't adjust my remote and have the bass level turned up the slightest bit on my sub, my subs will thump as well (somtimes very hard!). I want to get this problem sorted out before I possibly damage the subs. I'm wondering whether I may have reversed the polarity on my left rear speaker when I hooked it up and that could be the problem? Any thoughts?

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Reversing the polarity will not cause the speaker to pop, it will simply be under a 180 degree phase shift - no harm other than sound cancellation from other speakers in your car.

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ground loops sometimes cause that, unhook ur RCA from your amp and rev your engine, see if you get any feedback through your speakers, if you do then look for ground loops

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Did you manage to fix this problem? This sounds like the problem I just posted about. Would it be a ground loop in the RCAs or in the wiring going to the speaker that pops in the car?

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Nope, still messed up. I disconnected the amp from the head unit among other things. Its a pop in the left rear door speaker. It only does it when the power is cut (ie. turning the truck off, setting the volume to zero, etc.) If my subs are hooked up, they thump. If they're unhooked, then only that speaker pops. Sorry I haven't been right after this, I've been puttin in a lot of OT at my summer job. Gotta pay for my truck somehow. :-)
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