A Newbie : Did i choose good components ?


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Hello Guys .It's my 1st time attempting a DIY 'decent' audio set-up & it's all gonna be installed in a import 2001 Nissan Wingroad Wagon . Going 4 mainly sound quality but sufficiently loud too - i listen 2 any kind of music from Yanni to Reggae . My wagon's trunk area is fairly large about 3ft in depth & 4 ft wide (rear passenger seat can be laid down if i need to).

Here is the system i'm strongly considering ....

A) Pioneer Premier HU - P860MP ... $340
B) 4 Soundstream XTS6.5 3ways 150rms each (installing 1 in each door !)... $42/pair
C) 2 Pioneer 12inch TS-W306DVC in a rectangular ported box ... $66 each
D) 4 Power Acoustik NB-1 (installing 1 in each door !) for extra clarity ... $9/10 /pair
E) Hifonics 4channel TX8805 (for highs/mids) 4x220rms @ 2ohms...$200
F) Hifonics BX 2005D - for the subs...$340 , i know this amp is too strong (will turn gains down now )but may add more subs later on ...
G) Soundstream SC.5C (5 farad cap)...$110

May upgrade alt & batt later on too . As u will notice i didn't go 4 high $ brands as i'm new & experimenting & will improve as i get more experienced . I have heard those subs & i like em 4 their power/$ value but would opinions of others if i chose my stuff well ...... thanx in advance .

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Anyone please !?

are you getting a discount at the flea market, or just like the stuff you can find there?

To clarify:
pioneer is decent stuff

soundstream, power acoustik, and hilfonics- flea market brands...

So your budget is $1226. If you like the subs, nothing wrong with that, get them and I hope they work out well for you. However, there is better stuff out there for the money on the other stuff you picked out.

Dont waste your money on the tweeters, especially on all four doors. You want your sound coming from the front, and tweeters in the rear will pull your sound stage back behind the driver's seat.

Porting your box would be an excellent idea if you have the room and want more output from your bottom end.

My suggestion would be focus on the front component speakers and a subs. Unless you have passengers, dont worry about the rear-fill, and definately dont put tweeters back there. Have an amp to power the front stage adequately and an amp to power a couple subs properly. Spend some on a sound deadener, to improve the acoustics of your car.

Pioneer Premier HU - P860MP $340
Infinity kappas 6.5"- $75
powered by an ARC kar 400.2 $285
2 Pioneer 12inch TS-W306DVC ported $66 each
powered by an Arc kar 900.1 $399

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I can't say that i would ever by the subs that u listed, but the other stuff you had listed would be good.

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Reply to Mr. Anonymous - thanx 4 ur comments . U will have gathered its a econo/bang 4 d buck system i'm doing . We all on these forums would gladly go MMATS,RF,Alpine,Eclipse if we could afford it but I would rate Boss,Sony as last , P.acoustik a step above them & Hifonics/SS a few levels above PA .My bro has used PA amps & NB1 in his car about 5yrs now & r ok 4 begginers .

I have extensively read about better stuff but not willing 2 experiment with those 2 this point in time . In case i happen 2 mess anything up it won't bother me so much that if i do so with more expensive stuff . I should have mention that those NB1 i was already planning 2 install front & rear as u suggested .

( Chris :

I did already buy those 2 subs & built a fac spec ported box & tested em out in another car that has equipment already hooked up & man those subs pump very nicely so subs i'm ok with - good bass 4 the $ , surprised other people on this forum never want 2 try em out) .

What i was trying 2 conceive with a SS in each door was 2 creat sort of a 'surround/stereosound' feel like home set-ups . When i listen 2 other people who has speakers in front/sub in rear i find that u tend 2 hear them individually & a 'hollow in the middle' meaning not as much sound in the distance from back 2 front speakers . So i'm gonna put the same 6.5 SS in each door & will post back 2 let people who if it sounds good .

Though Infinities will sound cleaner they r no where as powerful as SS . can u list that exact model u mentioned so i can still consider it ...

I checked specs on those ARC amps u said but they r NOT as powerful as the Hifonics models i chose , Brutus is twice as powerful (i know nearly ALL companies lie on exact specs !)

Thanx 4 ur input guys , anybody else ???

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There's nothing wrong with Hifonics. You get what you pay for and for the money they perform quite well. Arc makes excellent amplifiers as far as build quality goes but a watt is a watt and so long as you take care of your equipment you usually get good use out of it. There are of course a few lemons. I disagree with sound stream being a flea market brand. I do however agree that their quality is not as good as it use to be(same with hifonics). The worse buy was probably the PA tweeters, but you didnt waste much so install them and see how you like them. Pioneer makes decent subs so overall I think you did a fairly good job for your first system. See how you like it and make any changes from there.

Couple things: I guess I am slightly confused; the title of your thread suggests you already purchased the equipment and in your original post you said "strongly considering". Have you already purchased the equipment or not?

A speaker having higher rms wattage does NOT equal louder. Simply means the speakers are more inefficient with the power. I am giving my speakers 300 rms per side, however they would not be necessarily louder than another speaker. Granted my components will never see 300 rms watts as they would fry, but I have the additional headroom because my speakers are not the most efficient and to avoid any distortion issues. Moving on.

You mentioned that the Infinity speakers will sound "cleaner". This is what you SHOULD look for. To simplify, a person wants a speaker to be clear at higher volumes without becoming harsh. Meaning you can listen to your speakers louder and still have an enjoyable experience. If you do not know what I am referring to, go to listen to a stock car radio and turn it up.

I did also notice that you were building a system on more of a budget, and the amps I suggested are not that much more $ than what you were currently going to spend and the build quality is several steps up.

"a watt is a watt"--thank you Richard Clark, we can discuss this view at a later time.

Car stereo similar to home stereo... 1)never gonna happen, especially if you start to move 2)home theater you have surround sound with background noises etc. In car stereo you are listening to a band. Most people strive for the sound stage to be in front of them, like it would be at a concert. If you put tweeters in the back, you will pull your soundstage back and you will feel like the band is playing behind you.

I was referring to the 62.5's.

<puts> Flame away... o wait, im anonymous, sweet!

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check back above I DID buy d 2 subs , they r good enough - BUT not d other stuff as yet . D HU i'm set sure on buying .

D amps - nothing comes close (maybe power acoustik - but i heard Hifonics r considerably higher ranked) 2 d power/price & SIZE , yes size cause other companies amps r longer some almost double lenght & 2/3 times d $ .

Door components - if i can get similiar power/price on infinities then i will get them instead .

Those PA tweeters r dirt cheap like $8/9 a pair so no big lo$t if they don't work good - i heard them b4 though & its ok ......

Rovin, go back to John James, you had complete words and sentences then...

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I have gone back to writing proper English as a few people complained . Was trying to save typing time & space at the time & not come off as 'ghetto' as a guy said .

Anymore suggestions on my audio list anyone ???
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