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Upgrading for more SPL/Tons more SQ..Ryan12
2 --12" ALPINE SWR-1242D or 2-- 12" Pioneer Premier TS-W3004SPL???...Guill1
What Amp for 2 15" Avlanches????Chris Klein27
Sub Box Blue Prints for 2003 Dodge Ram QuadNick T2
Need 400 watt amp for 12' bazookaNick T1
Not getting the perfect sound, why?sean22
4 Choices, which is the best for the money?mikechec92
Sorry, didnt mean to post that twice.Letto1
What gauge wire?Knacko4
Maybe a repost but...Apocalypse1
Amp-500wrms.. subs 800wrmsMike8
Guy selling comp vr's .. HOOK ME UPMike3
Helpmatt mcdaniel3
4 Kicker Cvr 10s What amp to use?Aymond Greenlee1
Flame me if you must....taylor1712
Orion H2 's or IDMax?Jack Death5
Just wondedring....Jacob Clabaugh5
Kinda of a dumb question, try to answer it thoughJoe Smoe4
Does 400 RMS out of AMP will damage one ID 10? AlpineThumping3
Buying 2 12" Kicker CVR12's!Mike4
Does 400 RMS damage one ID 10 (which is 250 RMS)? Malli1
Need help finding a good system under $800Nick T4
*buying 2 10" woofers!!!*Jacob Clabaugh28
Dvc 4ohmInfinity_Addict5
Help on Subs... If you know what you are talking about please help!James Longo16
Looking to buy 12" subwoofersthumpinWRANGLER8
Subs cut outscrewed5
CAR SUBWOOFERkondeti suneel kumar5
MDF thicknessmikechec95
Jonathan. 1600watts/Brahmamikechec97
Difference in slanted enclosure?James Longo8
Inherently flawed by the designtruth126
Ummmmmmmmmmm?? alpine problem.scuba steve5
Fiberglass Sub enclosurescuba steve10
Hey everybody i need your help plz.sean7
Is my Atlas 15" Blown?sean10
How to tell if subs are BLOWNJexxen Trivic2
Pics of my budget system! Take a look :-)...Josh Arenson32
Spacer plates....drew osborn10
Ok I need some l5s then! sell me to me!SUBZer012
Salesman said P2's?? i don't kno they didn't sound that good...taylor178
Pioneer vs. KickerMatthew Kinnamont22
Quick questionJames Longo25
James and Hunter, I finally ordered a phunking Avalanche!!James Longo48
Atlas=Gone(10 left?) Avalanche=Some (Maybe)James Longo3
Yes or no??!!James Longo8
Amp for 2 Ava 12sJames Longo10
Enlcoser question?taylor173
Wrong forum.. other ones deadMario L3
How important are these??db-bass3
Jl 500/1 or 1000/1 for 12 w7DR MAX7
H2 subwoofer box?aaron miiller1
CHOOSE 15' DVC 2ohms 1000 watts rms poweracoustic, kole audio , ro...taylor173
Need help with sport tracAnonymous1
Putting speakers in a CamryJohn McCourmik1
Help, what kind of Subs are these ???Nick T14
Square feet for a camryJohn McCourmik4
Will someone explain lower impedencesApocalypse20
Best dual 10" and amp comboDoug Zator6
Best 12 SQL SUBDoug6
Orion 15" h2 BOX?aaron miiller1
L7 or 2 CVRs or W3v2qcsfinest12
Which has more thump?????kickers...taylor175
2 aw1571se 15" audiobahn vs.3 12" jl audio w3staylor178
Truck Installtaylor1710
Does size REALLY matter?donny keen15
Any problems w/ running 1 sub @ 4ohm and the other @ 2ohm?kojo7
Road rageBrandon riddell1
Multiple opinions would be nice on this one.sean11
Ported or sealedJeff Loughrey2
2001 Chevy Silverado Truck Boxtaylor172
Avalanche 2 12' v 15mikechec95
PICTURES - for sale memphis stuffthumpin wrangler7
Budget amp for (1) RE 3X 12" (2 ohm stable mono)Nick T9
HiFonics SubsChris Brewer2
EDead...ordering somescott DeBaker9
Ported or Sealed?Chris Brewer4
New System!AJ7
What Subs better?»JaZz«8
Has anyone ever tried using "non car" raw woofers?Jonathan20
New Alpine vs. Old AlpineJC13
Amp for S12L7 dual 2 ohmChris Brewer31
EQ or what subs don't work rightmakavelie1872
SQ/SPLJames Longo10
4 Kicker 10s CVR What Kinda Amp do i use?James Longo14
XploreHunter Warren3
Magnet weightsJames Longo15
Kicker S12L7 dual 2 ohmChris Brewer1
MULTIPLE PORTS? advantage/disadv?Mark S11
Rip James Longo6
Neon(off topic)Mario L4
Dynamat Related(I think)D P W8
How to wire an dual 4ohm L7 10''sodie3
Subwoofer facing vertically or horizantally?sodie3
Planlee h1
Need help adjusting amp...for alpine type radam mol1
What would you do with $2500?taylor178
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