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I was standing outside my truck yesterday and I had the volume at a moderate level. I noticed that you hear the bass a lot more clearly outside the vehicle then inside the vehicle. My first guess was because my truck isn't Dynamatted. The windows were open.
Just wanted everyone else's opinion on it.

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i think its because your ears cant really here the bass inside the truck because its too loud for them. so when u stand otside the sound isnt as loud so u can it better.

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The lower the sound wave, the further it needs to travel before you hear it at full volume. This is why to a certain point, the further a car travels away from you the bass actually gets louder. Now after so many feet then it does start getting quieter, but still. Low frequency sound waves are longer and flat, with long, wide peaks, which requires them to travel further.

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Mm I see, but I'm guessing the Dynamatting will still help with that?

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With proper deadening, you will not hear bass outside a vehicle. With my system fully cranked, you can just barely feel the bass, but you can see the seats and windows just vibrating.

Even if my windows are open, you really don't really get that much bass coming out. Haven't figured that one out yet.

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all good points...but Dynamat never hurts either!

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Yea I know it helps and whatnot, I was just concerned about the fact that I wasn't hearing 100% of the music my sub was producing :-)
Thanks for everyone's replies.
Btw, does anyone know the minimum and maximum sealed box sizes for a 12" X.X.X? I have a temp box that I built during winter, but I'd like to make a prettier one that fits better in my truck. I just didn't have sizes or anything when I made it. I'm almost 100% positive that the box I put it in was too small, but either way. Any help is appreciated.

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if you put dynamat on just a trunk lid of an suv, that shouldnt have a huge affect on the sound outside right? Especially with the windows up? Im ordering some eDead right now.
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