Help on Subs... If you know what you are talking about please help!


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Ok, I currently have:
1 Rockford Fosgate 501S Amp, specs:
125 W X 2 @ 4 Ohms RMS
250 W X 2 @ 2 Ohms RMS
500 W X 1 @ 4 Ohms Bridged RMS
Total power 500 Watts
1500 Watts Peak/Max
Crossover: 50-250Hz 12dB per Octave

I have a few questions about subs to buy, and related information. First of all, here are the 10" subs that I am interested in, and they're specs.

2 Alpine Type R SWR-(1022D/1042D):
Sensitivity: 85 dB
RMS Power Range : 50-500 Watts
Peak Power Handling: 1500 Watts
Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm or Dual 4 Ohm
Low Frequency response: 26 Hz
High Frequency Response: 500 Hz

2 JL Audio 10W3v2:
Continuous Power Handling: 300 Watts
Impedance: Dual 2 ohm, Dual 4 ohm or Dual 6 ohm
VRCT Technology
Elevated Frame Technology

2 Phoenix Gold Ti10D:
Sensitivity: 89 dB
RMS Power Range : 500 Watts
Peak Power Handling: 900 Watts
Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm

2 Phoenix Gold Xenon (X10D2/X10D4):
Sensitivity: 80.4 dB
RMS Power Range : 450 Watts
Peak Power Handling: 800 Watts
Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm or Dual 4 Ohm

Alright, so of these subs... does anyone have any comments, personal experiences, or just plain which subs you think are the best, or would work the best with my amp. Will my amp be able to power both? If it would help a lot I would buy another 501S amp and have one on each speaker.

Also, of the subs you select, which impedance should I get? Dual 2 or 4? If I get another amp, would the impedance I should get change? What happens if I have 2 subs wired to show 4 Ohms bridged on the amp I have? I recently just blew 2 JL 10W0's wired like this. However, I noticed if I listened to it loud for a while, the amp would overheat unless I opened the pack seat panel and had the windows down to let air get in there.

So anyway, sorry for all the questions, I am curious, and I want to get the best of what I can. Any help with all this would be greatly appreciated.



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well right now with that amnp you will need dual 2. that will give you the 4 ohm load you need. as for the sub i would go with the phoenix gold ti. you could also look into reaudios se. or the compvr. even the brahma would work if you have time to wait. check out dayton also.

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Well, I'd go with the 2 type R's... if you get another amp. With that 1 amp... you won't be pushing them to there best. If you stick with that amp, I'd go with the JL's.
As far as to what ohms the subs should be... depends on if you get 2 amps, and run 1 sub/1amp, or 2 subs to that amp.

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I'll run whichever will sound better. If you guys think the amp i have with 2 of these subs will sound the best than how should I wire that and what impedance would be best... Or if you think that whichever would sound the best if I got another amp to power each one, than how should I wire those and what impedance would be best?

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What about Infinity Perfect 10.1's?

Sensitivity: 94 dB
RMS Power Range : 75-350 Watts
Peak Power Handling: 1400 Watts
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Low Frequency response: 18 Hz
High Frequency Response: 200 Hz

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Are you looking for just pure SQ or some SQL?

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Well, a good mix of both would be awesome. I want crisp clear base, but I also want it to be loud as hell.

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go with the JL's also look into image dynamics IDQ they sound great and get loud as well

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James, should I get them with the one amp I currently have, or should I get another one, and have one on each sub?

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get the 10w3v2's dual 4ohm run them series/parellell at 4ohms to your current amp they will sound great.

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Alright, sorry for the questions, but i wire the 2 subs to end up with a 4 ohm load and then bridge them on the amp?

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Well, I know how to get the ohms I want, but after that, do i bridge them on the amp, or do i hook it up to one channel?

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yes bridge them

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no problem man.
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