What would you do with $2500?


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I`ve got to spend that money on ice. What do you reccomend? I want Hu,15"sub,6.5"comps,Amps for both plus wiring n box needed. Looking for good SPL with good SQ.

Anyone got any ideas?


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A week's worth of gasoline.

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alpine 9855 HU
Knukonceptz wiring
eclipse Ti 15"
Snailshell enclsoure
dynaudio 220mkII component system
mtx 801d for sub
jl 300/4 for components

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same hu and wiring as above,
re xxx 15"
custom ported box (either build it yourself or spend some money to have an audio shop do it)
same components and amp for components
2 jl 1000/1 amps for subs.

I think this is around 2500, I was too lazy to add everything up so it might be over.

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This is what i would suggest:

Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP HU, $350 on eBay

Morel Hybrid Ovation 6 Comps, $650 or so
Zapco REF350.2 Amp(FS), $350

Treo Engineering SSi15.44 Sub (ported), $375ish
Zapco REF750.2 Amp(SUB), $475

IXOS Amp Kits and Wiring, $150

And maybe like $300-$500 for install.

Thats like $2600 and would sound great!


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a fully loaded computer recording workstation & software according to your posts title.

i don't have or want a car

then why would you be in the car audio forum, according to where you posted, smart guy

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I'd prob buy 2 12/15 x.x.x's... and the Rockford T30001BD to power them... Prob stick with the same components... but then agen, speakers aren't my strong point.:-) lol
Oh, and as far as boxes for the x.x.x's... go with an SS box.
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