Difference in slanted enclosure?


Marco P.
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I wanted to get a sealed box for my 2 12"s and I came across a dual enclosure that is slanted upward where the subs are mounted. I believe they called it a hatchback box, but I'm not sure. My question is, is there a significant difference in sound between this and a regular straight rectangular box, assuming equal volume chambers? If so which would you guys recommend for better sound quality. Thanks.

Marco P.
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Come on guys, help me out

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I haven't found a sound difference. I think it is most likely from being able to fit the car.

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I think it helps the bass bounce off the hatchback rear windshield better creating a better "rolling" bass effect (which I know even speakers without an amp sound better in a hatchback when the box is pointed at the back windshield)
Other than that, I know nothing about it. Hope that helps...

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with subs, the slanted box is just for presentation or space conservation. if you were to build a box for mid-range speakers, you'd want either the front or rear baffle of the box to be slanted in order to reduce what are called "standing waves," which i wont get into, but are all bad. however, standing waves arent a problem with subwoofer frequencies, so go ahead and buy or make yourself a smiple cube if you want!

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Depending on your LP crossover frequency, you might get some miscellaneous standing waves in there, avoid a perfect cube if at all possible.

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How about slanting the back of the ported box, just so it would fit snuggly with the back of the rear seats?

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it does not matter if you have a perfect square or not as long as your box is under about 15sq ft. A standing wave of a frequency under 80htz is about 11ft at ist shortest point. as long as you dont have over 11ft between your walls there will be no standing waves under 80htzif you still dont feel comfortable throw in some poly fill that will help break up standing waves. the lower the tone the bigger the wave. The only way you can get standing waves in a box is if it is very very large or if you have a box with 6.5in mid bass woofers cut off at 400 htz or so.
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