Best 12 SQL SUB


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RE XXX, AvA, or Brahma?
in Terms of SQ:

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The RE XXX and the Brahma are pratically the same sub with different letters printed on them.

I've never heard the AvA, but I know Brahma's hit damn hard!

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SQL: Brahma (IMO)
Cost/Performance: Avalanche

There are some differences between the subs, XXX traded a little BL strength and efficiency for more power handling and added throw, and works well ported, Avalanche uses a loose (VERY loose) suspension in order to be efficient, have good low bass, and work in small sealed enclosures, but are very particular about ported boxes (very peaky). Brahma is an in the middle performer as far as enclosures go, and has a very linear excursion curve, great SQL sub. For SQ I'd prefer it over the other two. Suspensions of all are different and all have different enclosure requirements. It's more about choosing the horse for the course as all are great subs.

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for SPL id use the RE SX , the XXX is like in between both SPL and SQ its a more diverse sub

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Awsome yea sum time down the road i would lke to get a gunna be running 2 atlas 12's sealed mainly sq so i want to see how the higher end subs the future... i heard the brahma pretty $$$ any1 have a site with pricing so i can cheeck it out for myself...i have the re site but not the adire

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What about the good old ID MAX man
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