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Can i do this with a port?Anonymous1
Comments welcomeLuc Perreau5
System set-uppete8
Eclipse SubsGlassWolf2
Sub wiring???its_bacon124
Anyone know anything about 15" Pyramid 15's PP15?Jason Mays4
Help with the S15L7s again plzzzzMir Atah Ali9
Sub wiring???GlassWolf3
How do i put a port in my box???glass, bacon, anyone???GlassWolf5
What would be betterGlassWolf3
Focal subs?GlassWolf4
Another stoopid Noobie question!GlassWolf4
Have Metro, want Bumpsmetroneedsbumps14
Particle board vs. mdfMyPly-woodCutsStrait10
Mitsu Eclipse -> Subs+Hatch= Major gain.VAclipsin19
Whats a good Mono Amp?Jevon Staffieri6
Shivas or RE SE 15sbrianj1
Whats the best sub for the money?GlassWolf2
Best setup for 15s in hatch?GlassWolf2
This could be stupidGlassWolf6
Wiring Help!!Please jackpot1
Question about wiringGlassWolf7
Advice on volfenhag zx-4812dvxKevin10
Sub chambers?GlassWolf2
Anything wrong w/ this type of setup?GlassWolf13
Box for BrahmaGlassWolf3
Lookin for a 15...Kevin3
Hart Subwoofers??? kason alan1
Volfenhag 12" or Kicker Compvr 12"GlassWolf18
Budget SQ systemGlassWolf8
Box for BrahmaGlassWolf3
I need some helpRobert J7
Cant seem to find what im looking forGlassWolf3
Choosing a SubGlassWolf2
Opinions everyone please.....GlassWolf6
1 Alpine Type E, Sony Explod 500watt amp ok?GlassWolf6
Sub box for 10' solo L5GlassWolf2
Seismic 12" SubwoofersGlassWolf19
Please help with upgrade.GlassWolf5
MTX AmpSploosh561
Dampening materials??HELP!PhyscoticS10
What subs for Audiobahn A3201T Steve S. Jacobs1
Seamless carpeting of speaker boxPatrick Lorenz4
JL 12 in W6 v2Kevin5
3x Sony XS-L121P5 Subwoofer vs Power Aqoustik 12" -- SPL who will ...Kevin6
How do I wire this up?J4
Building custom box and I NEED HELP!!!glass, bacon, anyone please!!!marshall white4
Elemental 15Abrianj3
Adire Audio Shiva 12sbrianj3
Adire Shiva 12's...brianj9
What kind of car sounds betterGlassWolf7
Kicker 15" CompsCron3
L7's in ported boxCron5
Flapping Soundchad11
Mayo or Honey de'sure sauce?GlassWolf4
JL 12W7_3 connected a Kiker KX800.2carmack3
Which is betterAnonymous3
Rockford vs alpine, 1 12"PhyscoticS4
JL 12w3v2sure_137
HELP!! 12" sub setupsits_bacon124
Brahama 15s amp?Anonymous1
Need a little bit of helpGlassWolf2
I don't know if my sub is clippingGlassWolf5
Running 2 subs on a 4 channel AmpGlassWolf3
Glasswolf in series or parallelGlassWolf6
13w7s in convertable backseatGlassWolf7
How much are subs and amps worth now?ryan4
Novice ?'s about vented enclosuresGlassWolf5
Port TuningGlassWolf4
Amp DialsGlassWolf4
Hardest Hitting Songscadillacstyle12117
Matching Sub and Amp. Help!Jordan Lee4 Mays13
Hey Baconits_bacon127
Need Advice-Paradigm Subsprudence3
Subs for a subrbanswan12
Wiring 3 jl w3 12's 6 ohmGlassWolf8
Need help to get started.GlassWolf2
How precise do i need to be with my box??GlassWolf2
Wiring subsGlassWolf8
Glass swan6
Covering a vent on a vented speaker box?Patrick Lorenz5
12in. solo-xits_bacon124
MOFO12's Ported Enclosure HELPChris Woodard1
Need help selecting subsMarauder1
15'' Brahma???robert J5
Hey glasswolf, wuts that site..daniel stanislawski3
Ideal box for 15" orion h2rmkrider17
Poli-Fill huh??????GlassWolf3
Are these subs any goodGlassWolf3
I got the s*it shocked out of meGlassWolf3
2 12 Inchers or 2 15 inchers or one really Kick A** 15?Wahl2
Kicker subsGlassWolf2
Question about setupWahl3
Amp keeps shutting off...Please help!TJ12
GlassWolf and Others HELP ME!spirit45
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