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SubZone or Audio Enhancers?Young James2
Eclipse CD 8454 / No Reserve / 5 Hours left.... TOP OF THE LINEMO1
Frequency responsesean15
Is this crazy price?James Palanza16
Thomas whiteNick9
Cubic Foot question?????* Rovin *10
New System Need Helpblaine westropp7
Would Ported Change This?BassManMIke2
Amp to power 2 RESX15"sChad Lee4
Bottomless subs* Rovin *14
These subs?Thomas White12
Cadalliac deville bose audio system with alpine subsNOL1M1TSOLD1ER2
What are some good 15jones palmer3
Good Subwoofers, Karamjit Singh16
Amps and volts/car ampsKaramjit Singh5
Whats the best 10" subs for my applicationDustin Pettit7
Jl 12w7 or jl 13w7?JL Nut11
Mikechec9jake papa8
Xxx or brahmamikechec919
Making roomNOL1M1TSOLD1ER8
Alpine type xChauncey Brown30
Crossfire bmf 1228anthony crowden1
FSU vs VTAlan Ledbetter23
Alpine Type-X 4 sale *Cheap*Chauncey Brown20
Looking for a new 12" sub.alex14
Infinity reference 1040mixneffect2
Sealed or Vented EnCloSuRe?Brett12
TREO SQ vs Memphis SQB44
Ever senn this many DD's in one room before?matt thigpen26
How many Amps does an alternator need to put based on amp size?Kevin Davis22
Kicker or Audiobahn Chauncey Brown8
Which amp for 12w7Chauncey Brown10
Difference betweenNOL1M1TSOLD1ER8
Sean's car audio stuff for salesean6
Gross volume and Net volumeMrCabinetry2
Question about moving seat forward bc sub is too big?BrAd GiLmAn6
Pioneer/premiere subsblaine westropp23
Constant Noise?Brian Tucker8
Do i have to take the whole dash off???Brian Tucker2
Bandpass dilemma!HeX0rZ20
Help Me Find a Subwoofer PleaseYoung James22
Will this work(need good imagination)sean5
Loudest sound system ever madeNOL1M1TSOLD1ER13
Ascendant audiomikechec92
Which is better for L5 15s?casey wood2
Plus! Audio Converter* Rovin *6
Got my system meteredBrian Tucker21
The pics I promised of the DD9500's i'm sellinmatt2
IDMAX 10"or Orion H2 10"....which one?!Matt Haug10
On top of each othermatt thigpen12
Which amp to run?Smitty7
10" w6v2 enclosureiwrk4satan3
What does everyone think about Streetwiresucfsaxman2
Need to find a new sub! budget is around $200blaine westropp10
ILLumination WiReTonyBones11
4ohm subs to 1ohm load on amp?Chauncey Brown6
Would this step up work? Chauncey Brown8
Kicker L7 12" SPLChauncey Brown10
This Setup Ok??* Rovin *13
I want to run one JL W6??* Rovin *5
What size of box do i needDustin Pettit7
Help guys!sean6
12W6v2 for salematt thigpen18
Subs that you would never recommend to anybodymarshall white39
Post good spl subs here.* Rovin *11
Treo SSX1500.1 f/sOso8
Does the load on the amp matter?Young James3
Next LevelThomas White7
Question With Rca's to ampChris Engarde3
Enclosure RecommendationsKicker Man3
Wiring idea/questionJake Davis3
Just bought a type-r and it doesnt sound good at all!SiX32
I can't decide between idmax or eclipse ti* Rovin *3
Why are Punch T line so cheap????Young James12
To All Technicians sean2
Sealed Box for 2 AVA 12sRay Paek3
Help With Ported BoxJ Sheets7
Amp ReccomendationTrevor Lambright1
What should i use to power thisPIMPsTAR9
***help with ohms****blaine westropp20
Help me pleaseChris Engarde2
JL w6v2 wiringNick Wilks8
Rockford punch 12" Francisco Recinos10
SubZone EnclosuresNick Wilks3
True power of Hifonics TX1500DLouieV25
Quick questionChauncey Brown4
I was WonderingNick Wilks11
Question on subs nicaaRobert3
Which one is bettercharlie7
2-channel 2 ohm stable ampDustin7
ClippinYoung James4
Question on subs niccalalalalalala1
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