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Loudest System!!DUSTIN SMITH90
Need spl subtaylor176
DLD AcousticsJack2
Sean need help for boxJmmcool91
Simple questionCompluva5
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1D Help!Jmmcool1
? about DVC subs and wiring in parallelJake Chesley22
Best possible setupAndy Summers4
Where to get Box Carpet?Andy Summers6
I need help with customizing a box koz2
Adire AudioKnacko2
Avalanche 15" just came!!!James Longo10
HELPPP neededJexxen Trivic13
Ok I Need Help With this Decision!the one 113
Wireing Question PLEASE HELP!!!Shane S4
Audison amp+jlw6?miso2
What yall know bout MEMPHISNeedstheeraser9
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1D HelpJmmcool2
WE did a ghetto 10 gallon fish tank abc box with a cardboard box top sean5
8 inch subsmarc longpre20
Parallel Wire SubsRichie2
AudiobahnsJake Chesley35
Upgrading subs...taylor1717
Can anyone help me with this missing link?andy d1
Need Help with Sub Ampstaylor176
Need help pleaseBenny Boy7
2 15 ported and two 12 sealed same system?1loudlaser12
Review on re xxxBrandon riddell10
AvalancheChris Klein25
Infinity 1230w or Rockford Fosgate P212S4Josh Arenson9
Ported AND SealedRyan17
Jeep stock subwoofer swapJames Longo2
Diamond Audio TDX 15" Enclosure HelpOso12
Stop using the word THUMP everybody!!!Andy Summers52
1.3 cubif ft for 2 Atlas 12Nick T9
RF p2's or Alpine Type R's?Water18
Dont know what to do....confusedJuelz2
Gaining the most out of what i have...Joe Smoe16
Subs and amp comboQuick Shot7
AlpineBrandon Marthinsen4
Eclipse Titanium 12Compluva6
Massive audio subscoola1
Help with subs and systemJoe Smoe3
Started at amp forum....ended up here for suggestions :-)...raybsatx8
4 ohm subgreg topuzoglu1
Just put a 15" Diamond Audio TDX on Ebay!!!Andy Summers50
Need some help...Matt123213
Are some people on Ebay High all the time????Andy Summers20
Wiring together subs with a different ratingDominic8
Alt and 2 ed nine.1Jeff Loughrey2
BUILD ME A BOX!!!mike13
Little Help?mbar954
Powering 15Dave Richer5
*15" h2 Orion in 3000gt?*Dave Richer4
Jus gettin seriousJames Longo2
Where can i get RE SX's and XXX's?Anonymous3
1ohm 2ohm 4ohm?Anonymous10
Rear and front waveKnacko2
Problem installing speakers!Chris Person3
Which will have more SQL ?taylor177
Tuned to what?mike10
Diamond Audio TDX 15" or two alpine trype RChris Klein2
Box dims and polyfill questionJosh Arenson2
WoohooRay Paek12
Songs with double bassJake Davis10
Cone excursion is there a way to measure it?sean16
Amp cuts out: off topicAvalanche182
Sq sub with a ported box?Dave Richer3
Planet Audio?? BB10DVCCompluva2
Difference between 10" and 12"Compluva10
Infinity or audiobahn??Compluva3
Fiberglass boxRam1500Hemi11
Reverse Mounting?Compluva6
Single or Dual voice coiltaylor174
Best for under $100Compluva9
Name changeCompluva8
Ported or sealed?Jake Chesley22
Best sub for around 250Oso28
Three chamber bandpass video check it outOso9
Sean i need help with box myself...sean2
Hows my system lookinRichie Marino14
Sealed, ported, bandpass...?..?Georgina butch5
Want to buy these subs but have few Q'smike19894
Whats easier to build? ported/ slot ported? andy d3
Need Some Personal Opinions...Letto6
Need Some Help!!!josh langley3
New boxesscuba steve5
Fusion AudioRyan Niedermeier1
Neons and music?Gavin Wynne8
Building boxes..?? website?REDSKIN2
Question on Hz on a sealed boxMark5
Trunk rattles like a...Karamjit Singh11
SPL contestucfsaxman4
REALLy crappy woofer?Knacko9
Crutchfield Install Videos? Matt f5
Subwoofer bottoming outmixneffect3
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