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Pansat 2700ALK4
How To record a Show with your DVD recorder using FLUSatScanner4
Please help with 2500AHawaiian_time5
New FTA FilesFaroque1
Two Receivers on one dish with dual lnblallu25
When is Globecast back for VS Xtreme?Kinguyen2
Help I m not getting cricket match Abby2
CW-3000HD Update Released bruce l7
VS Warning Issuehetor6
Pansat3500SD stop works for 5 mnutes and then no signal on 61.5subb som22
New Boot File B-75LK32
Please Help! Viewsat Ultra 2000 *Dead*Mac1
Need help finding WNYAAbby1
Bruce l just got cw 600s permobruce l5
Changing numbersAbby4
Charlie has to hit . we hope he will today or tomorrowKinguyen7
Big problumAbby4
How do I know what reciever i have?RTAP3
Charlie is changing channels around again.eatfish4
Pansat Dealer in San Diego?Nalin Nyda2
No volumeNalin Nyda7
Need Help PleaseKing Tapeman4
Installing a motor for 61.5/110/119?King Tapeman7
Converting Cable signal to DVIKing Tapeman3
Signal Quality?PRFRMNJ3
Pakistan is out (B.S)Jassy10
Configuracion Pansat 3500sd b80PRFRMNJ2
How are people catching signals for the cricket channels..Sendu Ratnasa8
OT: Satscanner!SatScanner2
Use the internet?james millard1
Cambodian channels???Sup Yo8
How To record a Show with your DVD recorder using FLUreach honey1
Signal level at 99% on all satellites (pansat 2700A)LK17
Ayuda con antena c band y lnb kujose ocampo cuenca1
Need help with rs232 to usb cableNalin Nyda25
Dead or Burnt!LK4
HAPPY ST PATRIC DAY LK :-)...urmama10
Anyone who hijack a thread should not be helpedLK7
Whos been here the longestLK60
Resetting the 2500ANalin Nyda4
OK enough is enough LK2
New Keysdirk deagle1
When is the new bin gonna be out?????w/euro channels????????Nadeem9
Cricket ChannelsAbby2
Pansat 2700A flash burningiamdrumming1
Number of keysAlbino Midget2
Hi need help plzharry3
Key codescosta mesa1
2 interesting developments 2dayedenman52
No Signal ?????????????David Hunter27
Dish 500 plusjay11
FTA receiver with HDMI and Converterdish network1
Ariza Extreme No Tsop Pulling FixAlbino Midget1
..Pansat 2700-N2?????tom1
FORTEC?siham samara32
Where is AVO? NUMIQ1 OR NIMIQ2?cartier13
Another receiver in my roomhemi426no112
Latest LNB installed (dishpro 1000plus .2 ) will pansat worksubb som5
Basic question that could get a bit hairy. Trying to maximize my e...Ross12
AL7BAR down until next week at the earliest!!!!Jake Snodgrass1
Pansat 2500 issueLino Cantu3
Bad or scrambled channelsjeff marson4
Where are my FrinedsJOHN_MCDON218
Canada ????????SatScanner48
Picture FreezingLK5
Captive works not workingRKS1
How do i see channel with this info?????? please helpfast beatz1
FTA receiver with HDMI and Converterdish network1
Dark Pictures C00lS*T4K PRO while watching cricketNetworm1
Someone Stole My Account Againjames millard31
Scrambled ChannelsNalin Nyda3
satcruiser 101 plus+ binFAH1
Sat 2700Time updatekevin Ng.3
Receiver Freeze and TV shutdownLK2
Favorite list menu - VS extremesheel neil1
Any thoughts or info on this latest emm ?SatScanner10
C00lsat, pansat & viewsat FILES & KEYSpeanut 642
Dish 500 setup problem-need helpSatScanner19
Need help in VS7000PVR to see indian and american channelrick1
I don't get Cricket or Hindi channelrick19
Anyone else having signal problemsMuhammad Umar Bakhti15
Why do they call it New Keys Thread. It should be called any questi...LK4
Channel 421????LK6
ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Opening CeremonyYash Matharu10
???Dead Viewsats???SatScanner8
Winners of the world cup get a lot of moneybob john1
Help regarding DISC EQ settingsPRFRMNJ4
All has been pretty quiet, what does Charlie have in store....SatScanner8
Viewat ultra cloneMarcel14
Cricket World CupAbby45
Attention all FTA Testers out thereLK19
BEV 0906 keys? 0905 in here...Joe Doe6
Anyone tried component video cables with CW600S Premium? bruce l4
Need help keyfinderLK4
No Signal for channels at 61.5 sat using pansat 2700 Phase III DTV ...LK18
Captive works dealer toronto area edenman14
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