Converting Cable signal to DVI


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Do you happen to know anything about converting a signal from a standard cable (the screw-on kind that comes out of your cable box) to dvi or vga? I researched about 100,000 hdtvs to use in our bedroom and after reading a bunch of forums that said it was possible, I settled on computer monitor instead. It's much less expensive and this one came with integrated speakers, a wall mount, and a dvi input on the back. Converting from an hdmi signal to dvi is a snap and takes a $10 cord found most anywhere. Unfortunately, I failed to take into account that the set top box from Dish Network would be in another room, so the cable running into our bedroom is the venerable old-fashioned cable that everyone has used for years. And, its a standard def signal. I can always ship the monitor back and just get a regular hdtv for the bedroom (I don't want standard def bc we will hopefully be watching upconverted movies from our dvd player as well) but I would rather not. Or, I could purchase a second hd receiver for the bedroom from Dish, but this would cost the extra money I saved in buying a monitor.

So, do you have any idea about converting this signal to a signal the monitor can use? I've searched all over the internet for clues but its almost like no one has encountered this problem before. I did find a number of "scalers" which seemed to be made for this sort of thing, but they're $400 or more, so why would anyone want this???

Any suggestions or links that you might have would be warmly received!

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Basically to get what you need you must get a converter. Both sound and video.

- You can get a simple video card IDE and attach to mother board. range of about $50. Go to CompUSA and see what they got.
- To convert to HDMI you need a major Digital converter and that I never seen such a thing. But you never know Google it.

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It will probably come down to run another coax cable.
I thing I might of missunderstand you when said Cable Box and then talk about another reciver.

You may want to check this simple thread to consider other options.
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