Charlie has to hit . we hope he will today or tomorrow


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hey charlie it's time that you hit again . we hope the hit in 2 days pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee charlie . poeple need to make some money .
so in 2 days your autoroll will no longer work for DN .

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shut up

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are you talking to your sister. tell your fuckkkkkkkkkkking mom to shut up . idiot mf.

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We've probably all heard of the word psychotic. In everyday language it's generally used to mean something like "really mad".
Psychosis, in psychological language, is a condition in which a person isn't in contact with reality like most people.
Psychosis can take many forms, it can include:
Sensing things that aren't really there (called Hallucinations)
Having beliefs that aren't based on reality (called Delusions)
Problems in thinking clearly (e.g. thought insertion, withdrawal, block, broadcasting)
Not realising that there is anything wrong with themselves (called lack of insight)
In Psychiatry there are a number of disorders that come under the general title of the psychoses. They all differ in symptoms, but all are joined in the fact that the person is in someway not experiencing reality like most people.
These are:
Schizoaffective Disorder
Manic-Depression (Bipolar Disorder)
Delusional (Paranoid) Disorders
Psychotic Depression
In fact, there is quite a lot of controversy about the psychiatric classification of the psychoses. With many experts, now arguing, that it is more helpful to treat people according to the specific symptoms that they have (e.g. hearing voices in their head) rather than putting them under a label such as "schizophrenic", which can cover widely different people, with widely different problems.
People suffering with a long-term psychosis often have problems looking after themselves, and getting on well with other people.
What Causes It
No one really knows, pretty much every possible suggestion has been made throughout the years. Some popular theories include:
You inherit it (through your DNA)
You have a 'wiring problem' in your brain
You have a chemical imbalance in your brain/body
You get too anxious or stressed
It's a psychological defence mechanism
any combination of the above
Although we know psychosis can be brought on in some people by:
Using Illegal Drugs (e.g. cannabis, LSD)
Infections (e.g. Menningitis)
Brain Tumours (Cancer)
Head Injuries
What Treatment Is There?
Psychosis has been shown to respond well to treatments such as antipsychotic medication, and more recently Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy has been suggested as working well. Family and Group therapies are often suggested as working well with certain individuals.
Despite providing quite useful ways of thinking about psychosis, traditional Psychodynamic therapies are generally not thought to work well, and some people even consider them potentially harmful.
Social skills training, occupational therapy, and supported employment schemes have been shown to help some long-term sufferers, without necessarily treating the underlying psychosis.
Current thinking reckons that if you catch psychosis at it's early stages (called prodromal), you have better prospects in treating it.
Do People Recover?
Some people who experience a psychosis may only experience it once throughout their whole life (this is called a 'single episode'), other people may have problems with it for the rest of their lives.


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have u heard about analmania? and pussySchizophrenia ?/
how about pussyEpilepsy ?
if u dont i will send you a free dvd showing all that ok.
hahahahah listen idiots it all about buisness for some hobby for others.
it's time for the buisness poeplE to make some money . so charlie has to hit . ok

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wrong forum,
contact here:

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Speak for yourself


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