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Which one is correct? or Same?marshall white3
Box helpsean s5
What do u thinksean2
Will 10 gauge wire work for idmax 12" subne0nblakk2
Rms and loudnesssean9
Port noise.....HELP!!!Pat Lorenz5
Best 8'' sub?Jonathan18
sean---Jonathon Box help pleaseMazdaMan14
A/D/S A12S & R12S MazdaMan5
Bass solutions in a BMW Z3 convertibleJesse N15
How are Infinity Kappa Perfects?MazdaMan5
New to the car audio worldJonathan10
Adire ShivasMatt Krupp2
'95 monte carlo z34 altsean2
What sub do I have?Fishy8
Lanzar ampssean7
Help at building a boxsean6
What brand is the best?Mark Meiners4
...amping stuffJeff Loughrey4
Full Excursion??sean9
Polyfil in a ported enclosure???sean5
RE SX vs X.X.XJeff Loughrey1
Bigger Alternator?ne0nblakk8
Finally Done VMAX's are slamminerik24
MAAAD impressed with type S 8" in alpine bandpassNick3
Subsonic filters: How much does it effect the bass?Nick7
Sounds cuts off when headlights go on???Nick17
Cadence Beast MasterChris Klein1
How do I tell if an amp's clipping?Jonathan4
How's this deal?Anonymous13
How do i tellseightgtr052
2 10s or 1 12CarAudioFNG3
Cheap Efficient 12 for a sealed boxseightgtr056
Polyfil did wondersstephen rodriguez14
Is the x x x for me Anonymous2
Suggest a ComboAnonymous3
Going to build my boxJohn Smith2
Subwoofer repair and what amp to useTrevorradman8
Subs and more for a 2003 Land RoverAnonymous2
Subs better facing inward or outward (in trunk)Anonymous16
Adire shivasJonathan7
Subwoofer frequency responseJonathan7
Rear Fill?John2
Slot port box questionBryan B2
Sub box for 98 explorerJarryd Lancaster9
Alphasonic subsWahl6
Very Quick question bout a sub boxCarAudioFNG11
Cheap Audio Sites?johnny lemoine11
Need a boxa7x fan1
US Amps, tube amps really good?Jonathan6
Cheap 300 watt rms ampdavids20048
How Much SPL Can I Get With This?koz21
I just got JL DUB6 12"...koz14
Amp to power X.X.X. and wiring questions...John5
Sealed or Ported?ryan c.9
Need a little help deciding on DVC or SVCdirrrty20006
DD DrivesIze Rafter4
Question about amp and boxbrian johnson6
Sound dampening material??Joe Smoe4
Pillow stuffing in my boxJoe Smoe7
Hard Hitting SUBSfrunjie slappity bin12
4 infinity reference...............frunjie slappity bin9
What pounds now-a-days?Jonathan11
Boxes for V-Maxryan c.5
Whats up with all these assh0les posting on this board?hater5
Cerwin vega vmax 15 box sizeryan c.11
Advice wanted...ryan c.4
Enough power?ryan c.9
JL W6 12"DamnCrackhead5
Anyone intelligent on subs, helpSeightgtr051
Ever heard of these subs?BigDickJefferson1
Better with 500 watts?johnny lemoine6
10" comp vr questionjohnny lemoine5
Will it have a nice sub sound?davids20043
Cracking sound coming from my subRobbie Black3
Slotted ported box for type r'sSteven Grelle1
I don't know whats wrong....David B10
SQ SubJohn6
Making a boxJeff Loughrey2
Memphis subs any goodJohn4
1 sub vs 2 subsDavid Washington7
Would this box pound with 1 15" v-max?David Washington6
I screwed up, can only fit 1 sub....Jon, GlassCarAudioFNG56
Ported boxes......location of portJonathan7
Resonant Pricing guideJonathan2
2 subs to match GTO1201.1Anonymous4
Wiring Kit?David Washington5
All out SQ??Slap Johnson6
12w6v2 vs. Vmax 15.BigChris13
RE HC 18Roger O6
Can anyone reassure me on something?Jonez7884
Not of importance but i havnt posted my own thread in awhileBryan B2
RE se sub?johnny lemoine1
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