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Quick Q: Testing an amp, REM to pwr wire?Rob12
3x RD Audio Alpha 15's + 2 Memphis 4kw's = :-)...hunterw51
Still Fs:RDhunterw17
Hey im new to this stuffDustin19
Dd3515 hella hotzac davis28
Pure spl on 3kwDustin12
Desing my friends setup plzYanks Fan25
Kenwood ampchris stiles12
GO TO AIM CHAThunterw44
Greatest Video Ever ROFL!James Longo27
Dj langfordMat Dope *****10
OrlandoMat Dope *****22
Atomic loudspeakerG. Irv30
Lowlife, as you wantedLowLife31
FS\Trade Zx2500.1KiLLa1
Any subs for sale?Chase Freeman16
Bernys Fiberglass kickpods/panels¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤17
SAZ-1500dKevin Holden4
FS: Guages and Guage podJamie1
Powering 2 speakers and small sub on 1 amp???sean4
Need help on wiring a matts d300hcG. Irv2
Slot port or aero ports?matt12
Who ever it wasJoey DeSalvo3
Best amp for a....chris stiles6
Possible layout for the Sound Room....Canaan4
OT: sony mp3 silver suckscam6
Display Voltage RemotlyRenegadesrun10
Look what FEDEX left at the door[...Rovin...]9
Aero ports \ SI MAGS[...Rovin...]2
TC OEM10Mr_Kebo12
Port area[...Rovin...]3
For all you BedLiner using fools Polo2
Looking for Chinese girl like the one to the right---->Polo18
OT For Salecal payne11
Two 12 W3v3's need an ampSean12
TMA vs Jl audioG. Irv7
ChaunceybrownJames Longo38
OT: RE = Real Earth Audio¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤10
Deep spl bass G. Irv4
Autotek MM2000.1 350 shippedJ Noel13
Kickeredward Matthews5
Would u know my namecal payne19
Adding a second batt?....Snarl200430
My new system finaly came!!!!!!! *PICS*Snarl200431
My neighbors are about to hate me :-)...Garrick N.Y. Arakaki25
More eBay Lee8
Which amp for my AQ 15SomeDonnieDude11
Hmm... whats worseSomeDonnieDude11
AudioQue HDC3???Eddy DieZe4 payne16
Best overall 15? need some suggestions?Chase Freeman11
Burning UpG-Love28
Hmmm... ?M.S.2
The epicenter questionsLowLife12
OT...timing belt sprayPolo8
Is this a good deal for dynamat extremesean10
Final DecisionLowLife26
Problem with system. Please help!Joseph Young8
Owne wislonJK15
OT...timing belt sprayMat Dope *****17
Kickpods finished (Pics and the build)¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤5
Is anyone here from the UK?Chad Lee9
OT: Better than LimeWirecam22
How good/reliable is this company?Aruman6
FS: 3x 10" Stereo Integrity BM's Lightly Used~! Charlie Ried20
TC-5200 Problems (update)Mat Dope *****16
Pioneer avh-p5900dvdJordan Singleton14
FOR SALE...DD 3512Charlie Ried17
OT>ebay fraudIsaac2
Anyone still using bed liner for there boxes?Polo4
Camaro 2 15 l7 or 1 18" FI BTLCody Scott15
FINALLY TL numbers from my set up :-) i went to the meeting...Zpeedy McLovin35
Can you hear under 20hz??????JK9
18" woofers I wanna Drop BOtttom HA AHA HA...LOLkillerzracing7132
Four 8s or two 10s, wat is better?Audio_Obsession20
Ported Box tuning??!!?Nick17
Ot: go steelers!!Pit Bull13
SI website?Yanks Fan2
AlpineMark C2
New Setup..need opinionsM.S.8
Box position question..Polo7
Can you wire 2 amps to one sub?[...Rovin...]6
Tsw3001 or type-rctmike5
Ascendant Audio website showing "Epik Subwoofers"???????Brad Warren14
Best 18" sub for trunk setup...Bill8
Dd 9515 with mtx 9201 amp? anything better?chris stiles29
Aeroport helpchris suho9
Can any on tell me what subs these are???Nick22
Results of nc comp with the audioque 2.5 12sean19
FOR SALE! RD AUDIO ALPHA V.2 15josh spivey16
UFC:Franklin Or SilvaM0nkeyman6929
OT: What's your current desktop...Kyle Longbrake78
Copm wizardsssssKevin12
Cuts out stillChris Engarde24
DLS Dealers? Where to buy?Brad Warren5
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