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Fi.SSD15's in sealed boxes???Eddy DieZe9
2005 XXXFI_monkey9
Dimond D3's wit 1000 rms grant law2
Good deal?richard11
12W6 VS.12 L7marc1
W6 VS. L7marc1
140 Dollars for a 12w7...CarAudio9
1 sub or 2CarAudio4
Terry6405mat dope4
I bought some new subs...take a lookMuddy22
Pedophiles caught on CBS DatelinePaul Larrea9
Okk lil bit more helpkris ackermann27
Ot: amp questionWrEaK HaVoC2
?Chad Lee12
18" Qmarshall white29
What do i need--amp kit?Yanks Fan14
Got the logo printedmat dope14
Can you stop rattling by using....mat dope8
Car Battery...Logan4
Will this be loud?Muddy12
Getting started...Muddy9
Im siked my new amps finally got here sean2
Think this is a good setup for its price range?marshall white9
How do i set my gainChad Lee21
Ficaraudiomarshall white17
Enclosure for 12" fi btlFI_monkey3
Voice coilFI_monkey3
OT - This game is gonna rock... brian mooney5
WhO KnoWs TheiR StUff??..... HElpMuddy16
2 15'' Q's with a 2400 watt EXILE amp????????-Eric-5
Can someone design or help design a vented box for my 2 15" he2's...ngracing9612
Diamond Audio-My current box.Blaze3513
I have a question....why did this work?sean23
Should I Upgrade My Battery or ALT?bernyMAC48
Mix subs?[Kéviñ_Previé]11
Box help please[Kéviñ_Previé]11
Fi BTL, Q or SSD??????????????DrSmithHD338
Can I get a 1 ohm load with 2 dual 1 ohm subs?????J.6
CHANGED MY MIND[Kéviñ_Previé]15
Arsenals Ported EnclosureMike9
2 million dollars for systemMike33
This true?[Kéviñ_Previé]5
Going to finish installing my 2 15" cvrsjames caroll16
Does it make a difference?Muddy3
Budget insulating?Trevor Meyers10
DD9512s In!!! PICS!!!Jordan Singleton35
Us amps xt 4000djoe blanford2
What to get?marshall white15
Us amps xt-4000djoe blanford1
Omg it dont work urrgggklez17
Partial review on the SSD'sshawn10
Need quick help in installingkris ackermann5
What amp ?James Longo8
Soundstream t4J@Yme9
MTX MXS1004 Logan5
My new systemshawn8
Hotbox?Steven Norris5
Big difference or naw.........wut do u think??[...Rovin...]19
Advantages of a larger / smaller box?Mike32
Good or Great Sq?Muddy2
Awesome dealty mutlow2
MTX Terminatorderek smith1
Alpine 15" or 12"?Muddy2
OT: You thought 300 posts was high?Yanks Fan11
Any one ever use this website?mat dope3
*PICS* Amp Update[Kéviñ_Previé]7
Newbie needs helpnu2this8
H/O alt....mat dope5
Old School Amps:anyone ever heard ot these or seen them???marc13
OT: Interior Neonmat dope10
New Version of Firefoxmat dope20
05 RE XXXFI_monkey12
My review on the FI Q 12Muddy27
Don't Forget to Set Your Clocks Back 1 Hour Tonight.:-)...mat dope14
Rovin, The Newbie, lolMuddy22
Going to finish installing my 2 15" cvrsjames caroll1
OT - drunker than a mufuger...Chad Lee3
Ever do something sooo stupid that......James Longo6
Fi Audio DecalsChad Lee12
4 10 ssd's what amp ? FI_monkey3
TakeHome Defensive DrivingTremor11272
FI phone numberTremor11278
HELP.. Alpine x 10's!!!!!Abe5
What sub(s) / amp combo is best for about $500 or $600??? grant law16
Ot: batteriesRob25
Help with box for ddrichard28
Fi subsMuddy12
New Sub Boxbassman39
FI questionWolfman8
Help with box for ddrichard1
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